Neglected aspects

I wish to draw the attention of Tourism Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung to some things which are important for the developement of tourism industry in the country. But so far his

ministry has ignored these issues. To start with, the ill-managed state of Immigration lounge at Tribhuvan International Airport would shock any tourist who arrives in Nepal.

It is common to see security personnel spitting on the floor, while the restrooms appear as if they are hardly ever cleaned. And as soon as one comes out of the airport, one sees heaps of uncollected garbage strewn on the roads.

This sorry state of affairs definitely is not going to send a positive message to the tourists who come to visit Nepal. The minister should direct ministry officials, the Nepal Tourism Board and Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation to take urgent steps in this regard. The government cannot ignore the tourism industry which generates huge revenues for the

country. The present government that has promised to build a new Nepal should encourage the tourism industry, which is vital for building our national image.

Ram Chaudhary, Birgunj


This is in reference to the news report “Maoists beat govt in rights abuse: Report” (THT, Nov. 15). It is shocking to hear that the Maoists, even after the signing of the comprehensive peace accord, are still involved in activities including assault and intimidation in the

far-west region of the country.

Their disregard for human rights gives enough room to suspect that the Maoists will anytime resort to arms if any of their demands is not met by the government. It would be wise for the government not to regard them as legitimate unless they behave as a responsible

political party.

Sashank Sharma,

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Trolley Bus

This refers to the news report “Now, Maoists running Trolley Bus Service” (THT, Nov. 15). It is good news that the Maoists, who are often associated with violent activities, have shown their desire to do community service by giving continuity to the nation’s only electricity-operated transportation service. The buses charge only Rs 5 in fare from Suryabinayak to Tripureswor, while other public vehicles charge up to Rs 9 even on short routes within the valley. The revival of the Trolley Bus services in the Valley would indeed come as a relief to

passengers who are compelled to pay excessive transport fares.

Bipin Upadhayay,

Min Bhawan, Kathmandu

Lift it

It is awful that Pakistani president Musharraf in his bid to stay in power has imposed an emergency rule in Pakistan. Though the international community has criticised Musharraf’s undemocratic steps, he appears unperturbed and continues his crackdown on leaders of other political parties.

Sooner or later, the president has to listen to the rising voice of the Pakistani people who are

for democracy. Since his obstinacy is likely to fuel social turmoil and civil war in Pakistan, he should immediately lift the emergency rule and make way for Pakistan’s return

to democracy.

S P Pandey,

Gongabu, Kathmandu