Decision on monarchy

With the Nepali Congress adopting “federal democratic republic” as its electoral agenda, the way for the CA elections has been cleared. But the move also raises questions about whether the polls can be held in a truly free and fair atmosphere. If the three major parties in the alliance are all for republic, it is unlikely that any other smaller party will root strongly for monarchy, or that the monarchy will be retained.

Republicans may prefer to have it that way, but this would not be in accordance with the democratic norms. Besides, a republic might fail to deliver a lasting peace. What’s the point of having an election if there is no real choice, because almost all the parties are in favour of a republic? How can the people call themselves “sovereign” when the parties make all the decisions and only ask us to rubber-stamp their choices?

Therefore, as fresh demands are being raised to ensure the effectiveness of the CA election, it is also time to revisit the CPN-UML’s proposition of deciding the fate of monarchy through a

referendum. Otherwise, the political parties may be tempted in the future to rule “new Nepal” without consulting the people.

Satyajeet Nepali,



This refers to the letter “Much Ado” (THT, Oct. 2). For Nepalis to be enthusiastic about Prashant Tamang’s victory in the reality show Indian Idol is but natural. I don’t agree with Urmilla Lama who sees Tamang only as a Nepali-speaking Indian.

One should understand that Prashant does not only speak Nepali but also takes pride in being a Gurkha, which even most Nepalis back home don’t. Prashant’s victory is not a victory of an individual contestant but the victory of Nepali sentiment, and hence it should be celebrated.

Amar Shrestha, Pokhara


This refers to the news report “YCL cadres stage protests” (THT, Oct. 2). The YCL cadres do not have any legal authority to take physical action against the royal ministers who allegedly had a role in the suppression of the April movement. We are not sure if the ministers were involved in corruption, but it would be premature to call them murderers before full

investigation. I believe there are legal provisions to deal with the issue. So why YCL cadres’ arbitrary actions?

Neeraj Roy, via e-mail

Poor image

In reference to the news report “Maoists vandalise Kantipur printing press” (THT, Oct. 2), I was shocked at the vandalism at Kantipur complex. The assault puts the Maoists in a poor light, as their trade union has been creating obstructions. The attack on the freedom of the press will undoubtedly mar the political image of the Maoists.

Krishna Pradhan,

Banepa-3, Kavre


Yog guru Ramdev left Kathmandu long ago and yet the adverts announcing his Nepal visit can be seen everywhere. It is irresponsible of the programme organising committee to leave the clutter behind. I urge the authorities concerned to remove the hoardings and posters immediately to help keep the capital clean.

Jeeban Panthi,

Tri-Chandra College