All set for CA election

The million-dollar question on everyone’s lips these days is if constituent assembly polls will take place on November 22. Realistically, elections are possible even amid the dismal security scenerio if consensus can be established between the legitimate political forces in the country. Some political outfits, no doubt, will be out to disrupt elections as it will be in their

interest to do so. But the majority of Nepalis want permanent peace, which can only be guaranteed with timely and credible CA polls.

The political parties have no option but to start campaigning for elections at once.

Yes, many outstanding issues remain unaddressed, but the aim of the constituent assembly is to take all them into account: to draft a new constitution that is a true reflection of the aspirations of all Nepalis. It is unwise, even irrational, to expect all the political

problems to be solved before CA elections. It should also be kept in mind that only the CA will have the authority to decide on big issues of national interest.

Jenny Limbu, via e-mail

Suspend it

This refers to Govind Das Shrestha’s article “Making parliamentary hearing better” (THT, Sept. 17).

Instead of suggesting improvements, Shrestha should have proposed suspending the system of public hearing altogether until there is a legitimate constitution in place.

The present parliament is after all composed mostly of those politicians, who, having been disloged from their position due to the dissolution of the then legislature in 2002

and sidelined in the wake of royal takeover in 2005, resurfaced to ressurect the outdated legislative body with the help of the Maoists who themselves are going to the people for the first time in the upcoming CA elections. As one tabloid recently put it, the hearing

is merely a charade being staged by politicians pretending that their own records are

squeaky clean.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Green Block, Lalitpur


I found the news report “Sobhraj well up on interim statute” (THT, Sept. 17) a little hard to digest. The Nepalis don’t care at all about what a serial killer does to kill his time in jail. It is shameful that modern judiciary permits so many loopholes through which even such murderers can escape. Were it not for legal loopholes, the lives of many people could have been saved. I hope THT does not allocate any more space to make celebrities of


Dhruba Baral, Lainchowr


In your Sept. 17 editorial “Common concern”, the cause for the decline in vulture population is said to be “...poisoning by the veterinary drug Diclofenacto, an analgesic for the cattle”.

The drug is not “Diclofenacto” but Diclofenac. Moreover, this is not just an

analgesic for the cattle. This drug falls under the category of non-steroidal anti

inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and is administered to both humans as well as small animals to reduce inflammation and reduce menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea etc. In addition to banning

Diclofenac, it is advisable to use less harmful alternatives like meloxicam and ketoprofen in its stead.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India