Fight corruption

The success of the April movement against the erstwhile autocratic regime wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of the civil society members. But they must also realise that the dream of building a new Nepal is unlikely to materialise with corruption still rampant in the country. The need of the hour now is for the civil society members to fight for good governance and crackdown on corruption. Moreover, the constitution that would be framed after the election to the constituent assembly must have provisions for tough punishment against the corrupt.

Ramesh Bahadur Shrestha, Lalitpur


With protests and demonstrations becoming a daily phenomenon, protesters seem to be devising new ways to attract attention to their causes. The recent example of Badi women shedding their clothes to put pressure on the government to address their demands is a case in point. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Samragyee Subedi, via e-mail

Great news

As Dashain, the biggest festival of most Nepalis, is around the corner, the news that Nepal Telecom mobile subscribers will no more have to pay roaming charges is heartening. Though Nepal Telecom has been reducing mobile charges during Dashain, roaming charge was still a bugbear and people preferred not to carry their mobile phones while travelling. If the idea was put into practice, it wouldn’t be long before every Nepali had access to a mobile phone. NT, the biggest telephone service provider in the country, should work to make available other facilities like GPRS, which is in high demand.

Dwaipayan Regmi,Biratnagar

NTB vacancy

Apropos of the news report “NTB runs without CEO” (THT, August 23), it is shocking that the only body authorised to handle affairs related to the tourism industry has been operating without a chief. Tourism is one of the pillars of the Nepali economy. How can the government act so irresponsibly?

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail


In reference to the news report “Court cases against Maoist leaders go” (THT, August 21), the withdrawal of political cases against Maoist leaders shows that the concept of the rule of law does not prevail in the country. The Maoists have perpetrated violence and killed thousands of innocent people during a decade. Everyone should be treated equal before the law and the Maoists are no exception.

Abhishek Parajuli,via e-mail


This refers to the news report “Water source contaminated” (THT, August 22). During rainy season, water sources are at risk of contamination. Even the water supply in Kathmandu can’t be declared safe until it’s tested for purity. The government should do more to ensure safe drinking water to people throughout the country. Public health issues should be addressed and purification of water on both large and small scale should be given due emphasis.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India