Rationale for resettlement

There is a growing apprehension among the Bhutanese refugees in the camps that a bloody violence could erupt anytime given the frequent clashes among various refugee groups. Moreover, against the backdrop of resettlement plan offered by the United States and other European countries, the possibility of external elements flexing their muscles to thwart the

humanitarian offer cannot be ruled out. During the mid-nineties, many of the refugee leaders, apparently seeing no light at the end of the long tunnel, managed to slip abroad. Meanwhile, many of the urban-based refugee leaders are acting against the wishes of refugees languishing in the seven camps.

Refugees should at least have enough to feed themselves and earn a decent living. Third-country resettlement, in this light, is not a permanent solution, but a temporary reprieve that will help the refugees gain power and time to fight for repatriation.

Therefore, as the political solution to refugee impasse seems remote, it would be wise on the part of our so-called leaders to read between the lines and act in a pragmatic manner.

R N Bista, Goldhap Camp, Jhapa

Polls vital

The political unrest in various parts of the country, especially the Tarai, is posing a great hindrance to the upcoming CA polls. It has been understood that certain reactionary elements are working to thwart the polls, which is the only democratic way out of the current political impasse. Nepalis, in the absence of an elected and zesponsible government, have suffered for a long time now. Political parties, especially the Maoists, should stop presenting themselves as the Good Samaritans, claiming to be the only saviour of democracy. Instead, they should come forward for the CA polls and let the people decide the future course of the country.

Shiva Neupane, Galyang, Syangja


The atrocities perpetrated by the Maoists for over a decade have been a bitter experience for the Nepalis. But the Maoist-affiliated trade union’s attack on the freedom of the press is most abominable.

Disruption of the printing and distribution of The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post will do no credit to the Maoists. Nowhere in the world has a political outfit which claims to advocate democracy attacks the freedom of the press. This action goes against the people’s right to information.

Dhananjay Shah, Kirtipur

Wrong move

This is in reference to the news report “NBA slams JC over Judges’ Selection” (THT, August 15). While the absence of government is conspicuous in all sectors of public administration,the arbitrary process of selection of judges for the Supreme Court and Appellate courts indicates absence of reliable legal mechanism even in the judiciary.

As the Interim Constitution recognises Nepal Bar Association (NBA) as a partner in the judiciary, initiating the process of appointing judges without consulting NBA is not only objectionable but goes against the very concept of the rule of law.

Baidhyanath Pokharel, New Baneshwor