Attack on free press

Apropos of the news item “HBC FM decides to stay off air”, it is disappointing that the attack on free media continues despite widespread public condemnation. In a democracy, everyone has the freedom of expression and the right to form unions and associations to put forward their genuine demands. But attacks on the media, on one pretext or the other, not only go against the spirit of true democracy but also deprive the public of their fundamental right to


Amol Acharya, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur


This is in reference to the news report “Govt, Janajatis strike deal” (THT, August 8). The deal struck between the government and the Janajatis is a positive step forward towards making the CA polls a success. However, the real test for both the sides would be to implement the 20-point agreement. Also, as the government has already invited agitating Tarai groups for talks, the latter should respond at the earliest.

Abijit Sharma, Dhapasi, Kathmandu

Wrong focus

Concerning the news report “Maoists to push republican agenda” (THT, August 9) it’s surprising that the Maoists are trying to impose their agenda even after agreeing to settle this issue through the first meeting of the constituent assembly. Prachanda’s statement that the Maoists are ready to sacrifice their lives for a revolution sounds hackneyed and misplaced. People are desperate for peace and the leaders, despite their lofty promises, have not yet been able to give the people peace and security. The Maoists should rather concentrate on

making the polls a success.

Sam, via e-mail

Forge ahead

The Maoists are not ready to go into CA polls. They are putting forward unreasonable agendas, which are unacceptable to other alliance partners. In the light of this, the Maoists are acting as if their popular support in the country has declined, thus reducing their chances of doing well in the CA elections. But these Maoist tactics should not deter other parties from working to hold the CA polls in a free and fair manner. That is the only way they will be able to retain public faith.

SP Pandey, Gongabu

Take a cue

It is commendable that people from all over the country, particularly people of hilly origin, are collecting funds for the relief of the flood victims in the Tarai. On the contrary, the agitating Madhesi groups in the Tarai are still busy killing innocent people. Those groups should realise that Nepalis can still unite to build a peaceful and prosperous country.

Kedar P Badu, Gongabu, Kathmandu


New Road and adjoining areas such as Indrachowk, Dharmamath, Pako, and Makhan Tole have become congested due to traffic jams, caused mainly by hawkers selling their wares on the footpaths. As a result, the pedestrians are compelled to walk on the main streets and make the jams worse. Despite appeals from locals, the government has taken no initiative in this regard. The MPs from these areas too seem to have no interest in putting things right.

Ram Chaudhary, via e-mail