Time for decision

In reference to the news report “We’ll hold talks with JTMM: Sitaula” (THT, August 8), it is admirable that Home Minster Krishna Prasad Sitaula has demonstrated his diplomatic flair by remarking that the two agitating factions of the Janatantrik Terai Morcha (JTMM) are not separatists, though many believe to the contrary. At the same time, he also made it clear that the government would not compromise on matters of the country’s sovereignty,integrity and unity. However, the government should stop dilly-dallying with regard to the peace process. It should either be able to coax the agitating sides onto the negotiating table for meaningful dialogue or, if they prove obstinate, even use force to check their

negative influence on the peace process. The current sit-and-watch policy will lead the country nowhere, particularly because the CA polls are just three months away.

Basanta Devkota, Gaurighat


Apropos of the news report “Maoists decide not to quit the government” (THT,

August 8), the Maoists’ stance for declaring Nepal a republic is ridiculous. The Maoists have been employing various pressure tactics and threatening the government with agitation so that their unreasonable demands may be met. They should act as a responsible component of the eight-party alliance. They should stop acting frivolously and making unreasonable demands like declaration of a republic prior to the constituent assembly polls.

Sanjeev Dahal, via email


This is in reference to the news report “Maoists decide not to quit government” (THT, August 8). The great success of Jana Andolan II has the sovereignty of the country back in the people’s hands. However, Prachanda’s warning that the Maoists might start an agitation if the government did not declare the country a republic before the CA polls weakens this belief. It is the right of the Nepalis to decide what form of political system they want. No single party has the right to make such a vital decision until the formation of the constituent assembly, which would, with the help of people’s mandate, decide the future course of governance.

Chiranjivi Lamichane, Duwakot

Be original

The capital has witnessed an unbridled growth in the number of private colleges and language institutes in the last few years. This not only indicates people’s growing awareness of the need for education but also marks a period of competitiveness in the educational sector, which is likely to enhance the quality of education. However, these educational institutes have borrowed names of world-class universities and colleges. This is only a gross violation of copyrights, but also an indication of their lack of originality.

Dipesh Rupakheti, via e-mail

Peace, please

Despite the success of last year’s April Revolution, peace has yet to return to the country fully. I fervently hope that cooperation between the eight parties will eventually bring in the elusive peace. No new Nepal can be built without peace.

Sumit Gupta, Tri-Chandra Campus