Readers the real losers

It is unfair and irresponsible on the part of the delivery boys affiliated to the Maoist trade union to obstruct the delivery of THT and Annapurna Post. The press should be able to function freely, otherwise the gains of Jana Andolan II might be at risk. The delivery boys could have voiced their grievances in a less confrontational manner. In all this, daily readers of THT and Annapurna Post have become the biggest losers. Where is their right to information?

Kashiram Pandey, Gongabu

Amend law

Trade unions affiliated to various political parties go on strikes and stage protests too frequently. These steps might give the strikers some short-term gains, but they will prove

counterproductive in the long run. I wonder why these trade unions don’t put aside their political differences and build a strong common front to protest against unjust and biased labour law. This calls for changes in the labour law to address the grievances of workers properly.

Semu Subba, via e-mail


The Maoist-affiliated trade union has made itself more unpopular the way it has dealt with media organisations, which represent free press. This casts doubts on the Maoists’ commitment to democracy. The Maoist sister organisations should also present themselves

democratically now that their parent party has become a part of the interim government and respect the high values to which it has expressed its commitment in the process.

Dhananjay Shah, via e-mail

Keep fighting

Being a regular THT reader, it’s really sad that I haven’t been able to read the newspaper for the past several days. The obstruction in the distribution of THT and Annapurna Post by the Maoist-affiliated trade union is against people’s right to know. Solidarity should be expressed with the publishers of THT and Annapurna Post. You should keep up the good work.

Tekan Suryabanshi Magar, Bagdol, Lalitpur


The news report “Grandsons dump granny in garbage” (THT, July 20) was outrageous. However this case is not the first of its kind. Countless elderly people are forced to move out of their homes by their own children. With nowhere to go, they are forced to beg on the streets. Today human values have degraded so much that people even fail to maintain minimum standards of decency. All the same, these people should remember that fate could deal them a similar blow when they grow old.

Baiaboo Rai, Gaighat


Though the highhanded behaviour of the Maoist-affiliated YCL continues, the government has been unable to bring the YCL activists under control. Though the Maoists signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, their sister organisation YCL is violating it. For instance, on King’s birthday the YCL activists forcibly took control of the public vehicles and resorted to looting. The party should discourage such activities and the government should do more to maintain law and order situation.

Dr. Sital Kaji Shrestha, NIMBUS International