Jimmy Carter misquoted

The Carter Center International Election Observation Mission in Nepal is concerned by recent reports in the media quoting CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda’s comments regarding his meeting with founder of The Carter Center and former US president Jimmy Carter.

Former President Carter did not state that the YCL should serve as a policing force to provide security for the constituent assembly elections. Rather, in his June meeting with chairman Prachanda and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, he clearly communicated the need for the Young Communist League (YCL) to cease all violence and other acts that violate the May 2006 Code of Conduct.

Reports from the Carter Center observers around the country indicate that the YCL continues to behave in a negative fashion that jeopardises the peace process and causes the general public to question the commitment of the Maoists to a credible electoral process free from fear and intimidation.

Former president Carter and the Carter Center believe that once the YCL has given up all violent activities, they — like every law-abiding Nepali citizen — can and should cooperate with the police to ensure a secure environment for the upcoming constituent assembly elections.

Darren Nance, Field Director, International Election Observation Mission, The Carter Center, Kathmandu


In his July 18 interview with the BBC, Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha chief Jwala Singh referred to the present Nepali government as a Pahade Sarkar. His distrust of the government is such that he has not come forward for talks, and neither has he stopped his violent activities. He opposes the CA polls as well. His arguments and activities are clear

indications that he is an extremist who does not believe in peaceful means to achieve political goals.

If he were a true patriot as he proclaims, he wouldn’t brush aside the peaceful solutions being offered by the present government. Jwala Singh is not the sole representative of the Tarai people. There are plenty of other Madhesi leaders in the parliament as well as the government.

His distinction between “Pahades” and “Madhesis” is ludicrous and hypocritical. What Nepalis want is not a divided country but peace and unity in every corner of the country. If Singh has the best interests of Nepalis in mind, he must give up his hatred towards the people of Hill origin and come forward for peace talks.

Prakash Sparsa, Jhiljhile, Jhapa


I disagree with Shiva Neupane’s letter “Brutal” (THT, July 19), where he labels the police action against the rag-pickers “brutal”. How can police action in an incident that left nearly a dozen cops and other KMC staffers injured be called brutal? Yes, the police have in the past made many mistakes but to portray all their actions in a negative light is totally unjustified. Besides, the action of a few cannot represent the behaviour of the whole police department.

In any society, police force bears a great responsibility of protecting the citizens. The police cannot perform their job effectively without the trust and support of the people. A negative attitude to the intentions of the police lowers their morale.

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail