Polls unlikely in November

Despite the commitment of the eight-party government to hold the constituent assembly

polls on November 22, I cannot see how the date can be kept. On what basis are they making the claim? The law and order problem is bad in the Tarai, and it is getting worse as more armed groups are coming into existence. Perhaps the government does not even know the number of such groups, let alone hold meaningful dialogue with them and resolve the problems.

Even if elections are held by using force, their credibility will be at risk. What good will elections held amid violence do? Moreover, many Tarai groups (armed or otherwise) are threatening to boycott the polls if their demands are not met “before” the polls.

I don’t want to sound pessimistic. But wearing rose-tinted glasses will do Nepalis no good either at this crucial juncture in the country’s history. Therefore, the government should think seriously about such obstacles to the elections and come up with right responses.

Ram Acharya, via e-mail


This concerns the news report “The Fierce gets 50-odd guards in new deal” (THT, July 17).

I cannot understand why Prachanda needs such heavy security. Considering the volatile security situation in the country and the Maoists’ special role in the present scheme of things, it is understandable that the government is allocating 10 security personnel for the protection of the Maoist chairman.

But the provision of allowing him to keep 50 security men sounds unnecessary.

Abhijit Pradhan, via e-mail


In the budget for the fiscal year 2007-08, the finance minister unveiled a government plan to either open a new agricultural university or upgrade the Rampur Campus to university status. This priority is justified in an agriculture-based economy. But I cannot understand why the important field of veterinary science is being utterly ignored.

Veterinary science must be included in the curriculum of the new university. One cannot

neglect the contribution of veterinary science in lifting the socio-economic status of the Nepalis. The contribution of livestock sector to agriculture GDP alone stands at 33 per cent. Establishment of a veterinary university will undoubtedly raise the contribution of animal

husbandry to our GDP. For a very long time, the country has had to import veterinary experts from neighbouring countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

It is about time we started producing our own veterinarians.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, Asst. Lecturer, HICAST

Good going

For decades, I have supported the Indian cricket team in international tournaments. I have also often wondered when Nepal would be playing in big matches. But I am encouraged by the progress of the Nepali cricket team in recent times. I think such a day is not very far.

The Nepali women’s cricket team has reached the semi-finals of the ACC Women’s Cup, that too in their maiden attempt. This is a clear indication of satisfactory development

of cricket in the country.