Right suggestion

Dr Mahendra Lawoti has rightly suggested that Nepal can learn a lot from its South Asian neighbours with similar socio-economic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds while

managing its own transition period, “Separatism in South Asia” (THT, July 9). Failure to address genuine demands of different groups can only lead to renewed conflict and more violence. Considering our unique geo-political position and ethnic set-up, we need not blindly follow the examples of other countries but only learn from their experience.

Rajesh Bhandari, Panchthar

Free trade

Rakesh Wadhwa’s article “Don’t block trade” (THT, July 9) is a timely reminder to the present policy-makers not to block trade in any way. The idea might seem ordinary but it is relevant. Trade should be the government’s first priority to ensure the country’s prosperity.

Trade restrictions like unnecessary regulations, heavy duties, control on foreign exchange, and high tariffs should be done away with. Policies that attract foreign and domestic

investment or promote trade should be encouraged. The government should recognise the fact that internationally acclaimed consumer products will be much cheaper in Nepal than in any other places as real estate and labour are cheap. The import of such products will benefit both the local customers and the multinationals.

Pradeep Kandel, National College of Engineering,


Wrong focus

Those who have just passed the SLC exams are confused about the selection of Plus Two institutes. The most important thing while selecting a school or college is to know about the quality of education it provides. But the students here seem more attracted by infrastructure, good canteens and playgrounds and pay little attention to the quality of education. The students need to get their priorities right. Needless to say, the parents can play an

important role in this regard.

Dwaipayan Regmi,



Our national news agency RSS proudly claims to be the “only news service in Nepal” that has been serving for the last 37 years. But while its talk is big, it has failed to even to update its website. In its “Related Links” section, I still find a page titled “His Majesty’s Government of Nepal” and below it the name of other ministries. RSS claims to be supplying accurate news and views on Nepal. But such minor mistakes seriously undermine its public image.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, Asst. Lecturer, HICAST


The Maoists are demanding “highly prized spots”, including London, as their party’s quota of

ambassadors. But the Prime Minister is reportedly opposed to this idea. The British government might be putting pressure on the PM not to give the Maoists the UK assignment. The Americans, in turn, might be urging the UK not to accept a Maoist ambassador. There seems to be so much more to this issue than meets the eye. It is not surprising that countries like Denmark and France that are more open to socialist ideas should have been assigned to

the Maoists.

Badal Shrestha, via e-mail