Revamping public sector

This is in reference to your editorial “Action, action” (THT, July 5). The Corruption Reform

Suggestion Committee headed by former industry secretary Dr Bhola Chalise has recommended yet more “reforms”. Past studies too have come to similar conclusions. How many more committees need to submit similar recommendations again and again before something actually gets done?

The reform process can begin by separating ownership and management of public enterprises if the government can muster support for the same from the eight parties. Let the

government own PEs but give performance-based management contracts to private or independent management teams. The fixed asset base of the PEs, which is grossly

underutilised, would help boost profitability if utilised to the optimum level. For this, the government should first agree on the commercial price of the services and policy of complete non-interference in management. It’s highly unrealistic to hope to make profit by continuing to subsidise prices and packing PEs with stalwarts of various political parties.

Siddha Raj Pant, Private Public Partnership Programme, Kathmandu

Kumari’s visit

This refers to Goddess Kumari’s recent visit to the US. Nepalis should be proud of the fact that the country is home to the only living Goddess in the world. Her visit to the US undoubtedly helped to spread Nepal’s unique tradition and culture. What is hard to understand is why members of Guthi Sansthan, Bhaktapur,

reacted to her US trip unfavourably. How can she be stripped of her position just because she went abroad without permission? If the Kumari is regarded as a goddess, should not her wish count more than the wish of the people who have protested against her?

Shirisha Amatya, Dhumbarahi

Action, please

Maoist chairman Prachanda is now in a country which, he thinks, should provide a model for Nepal. Prachanda has a noble vision of transforming Nepal into a Switzerland. Giving

speeches is easy but making things happen is not. The main question is whether he and his party are really committed to this vision.

Amit Gautam, via e-mail

Fix it

I would like to bring to your attention that the loading time of THT website is irritatingly slow even with the high internet speeds here in the US. I have received similar complaints from my friends in Australia, Britain, Singapore and South Korea. They now rely mostly on the webpages of other national dailies for news. Would you please look into the problem and mend the technical glitches?

Avishek Shrestha, New York


It was great to read about the release of BBC reporter Alan Johnston who was being held hostage in the Gaza Strip since March 12, 2007. This incident should remind us that dedicated journalists like Johnston are tirelessly working to bring truth to the people even in the face of big obstacles. Recognition of Johnston’s efforts will strengthen the resolve of the journalists working in some of the most difficult places in the world.

Razan Thapa, Bhaktapur