Impeach him

Anyone who breaches the law of the land should be punished as per the existing

legal provisions. And holders of certain important public posts should also follow the code of conduct that may apply to them. Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel has clearly violated the judicial code of conduct by meeting high-level government officials facing corruption charges. At a time when the government is being accused of bias and incompetence, impeachment of CJ Paudel would send the right message to the public.

Prakash Sparsa,

Jhiljhile, Jhapa

Probe panel

Yet another panel has been formed to look into the cases of disappearance during the Maoist insurgency, “Panel formed to probe cases of disappearnance” (June 27, THT). What have similar panels in the past achieved? There isn’t a single follow-up report on what happened to the recommendations of all those panels. I hope the same is not the case this time.

Both the Nepal Army and the Maoists should cooperate with the new panel fully to find out the truth, compensate the families of the victims and punish the guilty.

Suraj Rai, Mahalaxmisthan

Privacy issues

This refers to front-page news report “A test of nerves at Basantapur” (THT, June 28). The writer has every right to express his views; my concern is the use of that particular photo

with the story.

The photograph clearly breaches the privacy of the two individuals shown.All the pros and cons should be weighed before deciding to print such pictures. You should use a graphical

representation from next time. Or use photographs in which individuals cannot be


Shristee Shrestha, Lalitpur


Dance restaurants in the Valley are displaying semi-nude and bikini-clad women on their hoarding boards to attract customers. I was specially shocked by the cheap pictures put on display by an eatery on Putalisadak. The owners of these restaurants have crossed the limits of decency. The vulgar images do not conform to our social norms and values, and they shock the general public. Such vulgar hoardings should be removed and necessary action taken against those who put them up.

Sudesh Acharya,



The news report “A Div clubs threaten to boycott League” (THT, June 26) is sad news for Nepali football fans. It is a well-known fact that unfair practices have been going on at ANFA for quite some time — in the election of ANFA officials or while selecting the national squad.

Besides, clubs favoured by ANFA officials have won greater popularity,

but even better clubs without their blessings have had to struggle at the bottom of the table.

How can football standards improve in the country then? The Ministry of Education and Sports

and the ANFA should sit down to sort this problem out. If the government can’t assure both free and fair election and selection at ANFA, how can the public be sure that it will be able to hold the CA polls?

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail