Flogging a dead horse:

Nothing captures the political goings-on in Nepal more aptly than Ram Pradhan’s quote “The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of the act” (“Polls on June 20? Tell that to the Marines!”,THT, April 10). While the SPA constituents had all along considered Nepal’s erstwhile constitution to be the best in the world and hence changed not a word in it during their long reign — devoted almost exclusively to making money and prolonging their tenure — now they are having to pay the price by having to welcome the Maoists in the parliament. And even as many activities that needed to be done prior to the announcement of the polls are, as Ram Pradhan points out, pending, the government spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara continues to flog the dead horse of royal palace for disturbing the preparations for the CA polls.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Green Block, Patan

Stop it:

I was shocked to hear that the people of Makawanpur district have extracted thousands of itres of juice from rhododendron flowers with technical assistance and financial support from the District Forest Office. On the one hand, the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation has made a commitment to protect and conserve valuable biodiversity in the country through the new Biodiversity Strategy Implementation Plan (2006-2010), on the other, the DFO, Makawanpur, is encouraging the locals to extract rhododendron juice. If this practice continues, the seed production of rhododendron in the forest will be severely reduced and, as a result, the natural regeneration of the flowers will be affected.

If the flowers are not harvested properly, flowering in the next year would be affected too. This way, there will be fewer flowers next year and the production of flowers will continue to dwindle in the years to come. Moreover, people should not run the risk of consuming the juice without proper medical certification. The Department of Forest must immediately stop this.

Mohan P Devkota, Department of Botany, Amrit Science Campus

Eventful year:

The year 2063 is coming to an end. This was marked by the restoration of democracy and the end of the bloody Maoist insurgency. The year will also be remembered for many more historic changes in the political arena. But strikes and bandhs, as well as unrest in some parts of the Tarai, continue. Sporadic incidents like abductions, extortions and killings continue in other parts of the country too, but more particularly in the Tarai. It is important that the issues of the Madhesis and indigenous nationalities, as raised by some organisations, be settled before the CA polls. Otherwise, the elections may be affected.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan


On April 10, THT carried the photograph of new Miss India, Sarah Jane Dias, a symbol of the great strides made by Asian women. But, in the same issue, the news of a fatwa issued against former Pakistani minister, Nilofar Bakhtiar, for merely hugging a foreigner was published too. What a contrast!

Barun Bajracharya, Kuleshwor