Haste is no virtue

The question on everyone’s lips these days is whether the constituent assembly (CA) polls can be held in June. I don’t know how it will be possible. The Election Commission has already made it clear that it will struggle to complete all preparations for the CA polls within the narrow timeframe. But the political leaders are insisting that, come hell or high water, the elections cannot be postponed. Little do they seem to care if an election arranged in haste would reflect the popular wish. Constituent assembly elections are a serious issue, and the government should do things properly without making haste.

Shristi Mainali, via e-mail


This refers to the news report “NC dissidents for monarchy” (THT, April 5). I am sorry to say that the group led by Yuvraj Khati has once again misjudged the actions of the King since 2001. It has now been proved that monarchy and democracy cannot coexist in Nepal. So the debate over the relevance of monarchy is useless. It must go.

Hemanta, via e-mail

THT photo

This concerns THT front-page photograph on April 9 showing a cop wielding a baton against an activist of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities. There is a thin line between journalistic objectivity and propaganda. Such sensitive images have led to needless violence in the past. Before deciding to publish anything, newspapers should weigh their implications.

Sailesh Acharya, via e-mail

Well done

I want to congratulate the Bangladeshi cricket team for their stellar Super Eight performance against South Africa on Saturday. The team entered the competition as minnows, but are emerging as giants, gaining the respect and admiration of other teams and cricket lovers. It is a great achievement that the Bangladeshis have come so far in a short period of time since their debut on world cricket pitch. They have made strong teams like India and South Africa bite the dust. The message is clear: No team can take them lightly any more.

Nepal can also learn a lot from Bangladesh and come up strongly in world cricket.

Ashok Banjade, Koteshwor


THT coverage of the cricket World Cup going on in the Caribbean is extensive. But of late, I have noticed some small mistakes in the Super Eight league points table. Even minor corrections can increase the value, readability and credibility of the page.

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail


There were long lines on Friday in front of the Nepal Telecom offices for SIM cards in Kathmandu. But not many people were able to get registered. This resulted in the waste of valuable time of the people who had queued up for hours on end — some since midnight. Things became ugly when tensions rose and the police used batons against those who had come for the SIMs. It would be much better if a digital system was put in place, as it would do away with the need for queues. Even temples which draw large crowds of people

regularly could opt for a digital system.

Abhinay Jayaswal, via e-mail