Time for Koirala to go

It is becoming increasingly clear that the SPA government led by Girija Prasad Koirala is deliberately delaying the formation of the interim government. In the meantime, regressive forces have started increasing their activity to create mischief. This will hamper free and fair constituent assembly polls and the establishment of a republic. Therefore, the other political parties should not hesitate to remove Koirala from the post of Prime Minister to pave the way for the CA polls. Keeping the spirit of Jana Andolan II is much more important than Koirala’s job. If he is allowed to continue with his snail-paced work style, the reactionary forces will get enough time to hatch conspiracies.

Bhakti Nepal, via e-mail

More on IT

I am a regular THT reader, undoubtedly the best English daily in the country. There are many good aspects of the newspaper, including the “Perspective” section that comes out every Sunday and the “Appointments” page published on Wednesday. But THT is weak in news on information and technology. As a computer engineer, I have felt that many people lack even basic knowledge of technology. It is the responsibility of a reputed newspaper like THT to inform the people about important sectors like the IT.

Dinesh Simkhada, via e-mail

Heritage sites

There is a saying that there are more temples in Kathmandu than people. These are our true heritage that makes Nepal and Nepalis known throughout the world. But nowadays, our heritage sites are being exploited to extract foreign currency from tourists, while very little money has gone into their conservation. For instance, the historical monument of Dharahara has been opened up for the public, but is the government aware that with people going up and down all the time its life is being reduced?

Prakash Mohara, Swoyambhu


The photograph of Queen Komal (THT, March 28) worshipping at Ram Mandhir in Gaushala on the occasion of Ramnavami on Tuesday was presented in a bad taste. You should not have given the picture with the queen’s back facing the camera. It is discourteous.

Hari Giri, Biratnagar

World Cup

As former Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga says, much excitement has gone out of the World Cup because of the early exit of strong teams like India and Pakistan, “No fun without India, Pakistan” (THT, March 27). The advance of Bangladesh and Ireland to the Super 8 may mean a few dull matches in the second round as well. The ICC’s plan to send the top eight Test-playing countries to the second round has failed.

The two teams, once they fell to minnows like Bangladesh and Ireland, had no chance to bounce back as there were very few matches in the first round, unlike during the 2003 World Cup, when, even if the top-ranked teams had a bad day, they could still make it into the second round by doing better in other matches. Nevertheless, some close matches may be expected in the semi-final stage.

Puran Subedi, Lagankhel