Irresponsible remark:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s remark to the effect that he would tender his resignation if it would help solve “the problem” came as a great shock. The real issue was not if Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula’s resignation would help solve the Tarai crisis, but who would take the responsibility for the Tarai violence and the loss of over 30 lives. At a time when all fingers are pointed at Sitaula, the prime minister is acting irresponsibly by protecting him. It is high time that Sitaula resigned.

HB Joshi, Lalitpur


The decision of the British government to grant the Gurkhas (recruited after July, 1997) same benefits as their British counterparts is a result of years of campaigning by Gurkha and British veterans, 90 per cent of them retired before the cut-off date. It is a mockery of justice that the current British Gurkhas are rejoicing at the decision, which would have been impossible without the tireless endeavours of old Gurkhas through the GAESO. Can’t they see that this decision is aimed at shattering the unity of Gurkhas by differentiating them on such a bogus basis?

The Nepal Government has been literally thriving on the income brought in by the British Gurkhas — both retired and active — for the last five decade. But when it comes to ensuring equitable rights for the same group, why is the government dragging its feet? The government should instead support the ex-Gurkhas and help them. The British Gurkhas (both retired and active), on their part, should unite to raise their voice against this great injustice being perpetuated by the British government.

Lieutenant Bhim P Gurung, Ex-British Gurkha Army

Be firm:

People from all sectors of society are using protests as a ploy to make the government do their bidding. And the government is obliging them by bowing down to the protesters time and again. This hints of the government’s weakness. As a result, every group feels it can get its way by organising protests and bandhs. The government needs to have a clear vision and should not be swayed from its path so easily.

Bal Krishna Ghimire, Dhanda Maidan-5, Ghansakhola, Arghakhanchi


This is regarding a statement of Maoist Chairman Prachanda that the royal palace is conspiring to assassinate American Embassy officials and blame the killings on the Maoists. What is most hilarious about this outburst is that it was the same Maoists who mercilessly killed two guards of the American Embassy in Kathmandu a few years ago. And despite repeated requests by the Embassy and the government, the Maoists are yet to apologise, let alone hand over the killers. It is the Maoists who perpetuated a reign of terror by planting bombs at the houses of civilians. Two years ago, they had even placed a bomb at the residence of the then chief justice. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Now some bombs have been found at the residences of some civil society leaders. And who do the Maoists blame? The palace, of course! They better come clean themselves before they start pointing fingers at others.

Dr. Pravin Rajbahak, Birgunj