Be alert drivers

I wonder what kind of people they are who intentionally drive over the other people and take their lives. Even if the other

people are injured, instead of taking them to the hospital, the culprit/s run away from the scene. The apparent reason is the medical expenses they have to incur for treating the victims. This has been reported daily from the streets of Kathmandu.

I strongly believe that the government should take some initiative regarding such cases. It might have be taking it lightly saying it is an accident and accidents do happen. But I warn you all…you could be the next victim just like the other fatalities too.

All the people out there...be alert and all the drivers and riders...be more vigilant.

Dolkar Lhamo, Boudha


The hard work, sincerity and luck paid Lt. Gen. Chhatraman Gurung to be at the highest post of Nepal Army as reported in “Rawal moots Industrial Security Force” (THT, Aug 10). However, the real challenge and test of his role as the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) lies ahead in terms of maintaining the highly respected Nepal Army’s prestigious image and its dignity. The crucial demand and need of new Nepal is to make Nepal Army a more

inclusive and democratic force. He deserves appreciation and congratulations for being

assigned to the highest position of Nepal Army from the ethnic groups. To boost the morale of his fellow army personnel by keeping the army away from politics remains to be one of the priorities, among others.

Likewise, to bring cohesiveness among the colleagues and create harmonious working

environment seem to be the need of the hour rather than

applying partisan policies. Every Nepali wishes to see a neutral and strong Nepal Army in the days ahead since they enjoy the perks and benefits from the

people’s tax paid money,

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj

Save them

Why is the government acting with indifference to repairing old bridges which have been serving us since many years? These bridges are now in pitiful

conditions. Building new bridges is more expensive. It would be more advantageous to the nation if old bridges were maintained and repaired than building new ones. The fund allocated for the restoration of old bridges in the budget i.e. Rs. 30 million does not seem to be sufficient. With neglect the old bridges are bound to collapse. This would cause a great loss to the country.

Rasbin Rijal, Biratnagar

Sincere appeal

We have a message for the Government: “Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg”. Ever since the Chitwan National Park became famous for its wildlife tours and activities, it has more or less contributed considerable amount of revenue to the exchequer. Thousands, of workers’ livelihood is at stake. However, maybe it is time for more stringent code of conduct to come into effect for conservation and ecological factors as poaching is still rampant and the local operators conduct wildlife tours with ease and laxity. We would like the government to raise the current structure for royalty and other fringe benefits and fees, and at the same time reinvest in manpower and modern equipment to ensure

conservation of this huge national asset which has some of the rarest and endangered wildlife species in the world.

Pramok, Sukhedhara


The Hanuman Dhoka is not only a World Heritage site but also is synonymous with the famous police station in the area. Most of the so called valley “Dons” who had created havoc in their

heydays are residing here in Hanuman Dhoka police cell. The murderer of Khyati is also lodged here. The youth who, without a license drove the vehicle to mow down and crush six innocent pedestrians at a go has also managed to join the notorious gang. The recent addition and entry, of the “master mind” of the mega crime of the “Royal

Massacre” has also added much more “fame” for Hanuman

Dhoka police detention centre. The Hanuman Dhoka should be a one-way entry door requiring Herculean effort for the criminals to come out.

The Police department and the concerned officers who managed to arrest all these infamous characters deserve appreciation for their tireless efforts. The job is only half done and the other half is to have all these sent behind bars to serve their full term.

DT Sherpa, via e-mail