Misguided decision:

It is hard to understand the government’s misguided decision to cancel the provision of public holiday on Prithvi Jayanti and National Unity Day. Prithvi Narayan Shah is still a hero in the eyes of most Nepalis and he deserves to be honoured and remembered, for without him, there would have been no Nepal. Just because his successors have ruined the reputation of monarchy, we need not show disrespect to him and to the unification of Nepal. What else is the government planning to do? Divide Nepal into baise and chaubise states that existed before their unification.

S R Sharma, via e-mail

IT show:

CAN InfoTech 2007, the nation’s biggest information technology show, kicked off on Tuesday. The show’s popularity was indicated by the throngs of people seen at each of the 165 stalls on the first day. The six-day event offers customers a wide range of products and services to choose from. As the value of information and technology increases, so does the need for good information systems. The level of technological progress will play a vital role in deciding what kind of new Nepal we will create. Shows like this will help create awareness about

information technology.

Narayan Khakurel, Kathmandu


The employees’ protests over the government’s decision to hand over the management of the water supply system in Kathmandu to the private sector are misplaced. The drastic government decision follows years of inability of the drinking water corporation to supply safe and adequate drinking water. This wise decision is expected to improve the drinking water supply in the Kathmandu Valley. I think the employees have come out on the streets because they fear losing their jobs for poor performance when a private company takes over the corporation’s management. They should give the private management a chance.

Ranjeev Shrestha, NCCS College, Paknajol


The Maoists’ padlocking of the head box of the Chilime Hydro Power Project (“Maoists force closure of Chilime hydel project”, THT, Jan 10) is an outrageous act. At a time when the nation is paralysed by long hours of load-shedding, the Maoist action was ill-advised. The closure of the project, built on the sole initiative of the Nepalis, will only discourage other investors. The government should re-open the project at all costs, by even using force.

Krishna P Neupane, via e-mail


I really enjoyed the story “A Beautiful Heart” (THT, Jan 8). I agree with the old man that despite the pain of unrequited love, one can always find a kind of satisfaction in reaching out to other people. Being an optimist, I never regret my deeds even though some of them have resulted in painful outcomes. Instead, I feel proud of myself when, just as the old man, I look at the scars and cracks in my heart as they reflect the wonderful memories I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I thank THT for publishing such a wonderful story and expect to read similar stories in future too.

Prasha Shrestha, New Baneshwor