Wrong priority:

Aditya Man Shrestha was right in criticising our political leaders who reacted to the latest Thai coup and execution of Saddam five days ago (“Thai coup and Saddam”, THT, January 3). As Shrestha puts it, it is wrong to show interest in matters of international importance if it holds no significance for Nepal. In legalistic terms, is Saddam’s hanging any different from the slaughter of 12 Nepalis in Iraq? The left-wing parties marched on the streets to protest against the hanging, but we should not also forget Saddam’s bloody past. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and other ministers seem more concerned about the demise of a dictator than the deaths of Nepalis. As Shrestha hints, our government leaders would have done well to remain silent on Saddam’s hanging. They could also have done well to keep their mouth shut on the Thai coup.

S P Pandey, Rehdon College

Who cares?

In his article “Thai coup and Saddam”, Shrestha hits the nail on the head. One should first look at oneself before beginning to point a finger at others. Certainly, who cares about Nepal’s criticism of Saddam Hussein’s hanging? Our corrupt and myopic leaders, it seems, find it easy to spot problems thousands of miles away but are not capable of discerning troubles back home. As Shrestha says, we Nepalis tend to talk more and work less. In this light, Koirala’s criticism of the events in Iraq was an irresponsible act. Our leaders should rather concentrate on problems that affect Nepalis. This article should be translated and published in Nepali dailies as well.

Kamal Poudel, via e-mail


The number of rhinos in Nepal’s forests seems to be going down rapidly. Experts have warned that the famous one-horned rhino might disappear from Nepali forests in ten to twenty years. The conservation efforts have proved futile and this should provide an occasion for us to mull over our weaknesses and take corrective steps. After Sagarmatha and Gautam Buddha, the one-horned rhino is perhaps the best-known symbol of Nepal. There is no reason why we cannot save the one-horned rhino if we muster the will to do so. Let us all unite to save this beautiful animal.

Samridhi Shrestha, University of Dallas, Texas


We have already gone a long way towards institutionalising peace and reconciliation after a decade-long conflict. The Jana Andolan II has raised public expectations. The common people are now eagerly waiting for the CA polls to usher in a new Nepal. It is important to remember that the Jana Andolan II will be complete only after the constituent assembly drafts a new statute. But the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists, instead of working for the holding of the CA polls on time are only indulging in criticising one another and making irresponsible remarks. The politicians should not forget that during the CA polls, the people will assess the contribution of each political party and vote accordingly. The political parties may have to pay a heavy price if they are not serious about realising the mandate of the Jana Andolan II.

Rupesh R Khanal, Changu-8, Bhaktapur