Justice not seen

The Special Court has been giving clean chits to one politician after another though they are widely seen to be corrupt. Is this how loktantra works? The Prime Minister says that in a democracy no one loses, everyone wins. Indeed, these discredited politicians seem to be winning more than others. But they will not get back their reputation in the public eye.

Nepal’s development is impossible without taking stern against the corrupt, at least for the crime committed after the 1990 pro-democracy movement. The lack of good governance and leadership has been a major problem of Nepali politics. While no mercy should be shown towards corrupt people, it is also necessary that people who are not free from the influence of any political party should not be allowed to hold the posts of head and members of constitutional bodies.

Jhamak Thapa, Finland


The High-level Investigation Commission’s decision to indict the King for suppression of the April movement is biased. The King, as the supreme commander of the erstwhile RNA, could have used much more force than he did.

Secondly, the King’s decisions during the Jana Andolan II were legal. Those who lost their lives were killed during curfew hours. Where in the world do people venture out during curfew hours? Why blame the King for the loss of 21 lives when many more deaths relate to the insurgency. What is happening in Nepal is the classic example of the history belonging to the victor.

Neeraj Roy, via e-mail


The historic agreement between the SPA and the Maoists should serve as the stepping stone towards turning the Maoists into a genuine political force.

But implementation is much more than signing an agreement. The Maoists have not completely stopped torture, abductions and extortions even after the November 8 understanding. They are reported still to be forcing young people to join the People’s Liberation Army. The Nepali Army has also opened its recruitment process despite the government’s order to the contrary. It is essential that both sides abide by the accord.

Raj Baral, Pokhara

What of us?

As regards the report “Nepal Bank Limited posts Rs. 700m operating profit” (THT, Nov. 17), it was heartening to hear about the bank setting aside Rs.120 million for bonus to employees. But there was no mention of any such thing being given to the shareholders. The bank management should clarify if the shareholders are entitled to any share in profit.

Shyam Shrestha, via e-mail

New hope

The article “Democrats will not disappoint” (THT, Nov. 16) by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader of the US House of Representatives, made good reading. It is hoped the initiatives of the Democrats, who now control both the Houses of the US Congress, will help pursue American interests by avoiding unnecessary wars that lead to widespread death and destruction. The US should try to win back world opinion which turned against the US after the Iraq invasion.

Surya Lama, Hetauda