Punish the criminals

This is in reference to the news article “Witch gets a raw deal” (THT, March 25).

It is indeed shocking to learn that 50 villagers, headmistress, forced Kali Kumari BK to eat her own excreta in public andfurthermore, threatened to cut her into pieces, accusing her of killing people practicing witchcraft. What teachings can the children of the school expect from such a headmistress?

I condemn the barbaric incident and urge the police administration, media and human rights organisations to immediately bring the culprits to book and provide security to the innocent


Cool Cristofer, Lake Side


The news “Journos beware! Nepal more dangerous than Pak” (THT, March 24) made me think about the stated danger to the journalists while on their duty. I wonder why the organizations that look after the interests and safety of the journalists do not dwell on the issues of journalists misusing their keyboard to misreport a news and sensitize an issue or promote someone’s vested interest, often for a sum or favour.Journalist must practice their

profession with high sense of duty and responsibility to gain respect.

Dipak Ratna, via e-mail


This is in support of the letter “Grave error” (THT, March 25). It is sad to know how the globally recognised dictionary “Cambridge Advance Learner’s Dictionary” has printed the error. As a student in Australia I have also found the same thing in the book “The road to hospitality”.

This book too cites that Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born in a country

other than Nepal. As a citizen of Nepal, I have been grilling the publishers here. I wonder why the publishers and writers are seen to be providing false information.

Shiva Neupane,

Melbourne, Australia.


This is pathetic, and it was very difficult for me to believe that the condemnable incident

of a woman being humiliated and mistreated on the charge of witchcraft took place in the Kathmandu valley. The crime was executed by an educated person.

A principal of a school was involved leaving us guessing what she had been teaching to the students of her school. The police should take stern action against the principal and

others who also took part in the crime.

Prasun Sharma, via e-mail

No politics

FSU elections are almost always marked by violence.

I believe that politics should be kept out of educational establishments in our colleges and


Moreover, student unions are supposed to speak for the rights of students instead of disrupting academic activities. However, they have never been found doing that.

Instead, they have made our colleges and universities a breeding ground for politics.

The dream of new Nepal can only be materialised when our colleges become an ideal place for academic pursuits.

Bijayamani Paudel,

B Sc Third Year, Tri Chandra College