Unkept promises

It is strange that Prime Minister Prachanda seems to be so helpless despite being the head of the Nepal Government. The way he keeps silent on many issues seems very mysterious. I guess by now it is clear that there really is no unity among Maoists themselves. That is the reason why the Maoists ignore every agreement signed by them. I wonder if Maoists can fulfil all the promises their leader has made.

Dwaipayan Regmi, College of Business and Social Studies (COBASS),



This is regarding the student protesters who attacked our tourist van in Tadi early on March 19, 2009. For university “students”, you don’t seem to be bright and responsible. When you smashed our vehicle’s windows and terrorised us, you effectively dispatched12 ambassadors — six Australians, four Americans, a Finn and a German — to their omelands to tell everyone that Nepal is dangerous for tourists, and to never go there.

Practically, you reduced the income of your country, that of your neighbours and your kin by chasing away visitors. Your behaviour also brought shame on your country and the parents who raised you, by abusing guests. No wonder you operated in the darkness with your faces covered. Your actions were ignorant, vile. Even kindergarteners have more intelligence and


Arnold Braeske, Caldwell, New Jersey, USA


Apropos of the news report “Brigadiers report for work” (THT, March 21),

politicisation of the Nepal Army is unfortunate for the country. The present row

between the government and army should be settled through dialogue. This is a serious matter when the country is passing through the transitional phase. I hope all the political parties realise the gravity of the situation and act with caution.

David Kainee, Attariya, Kailali


A student union represents the students. Their concern ought to be with the welfare of the students who they represent. That is the reason why I was really stunned when students with political affiliations vandalized public and private property. I feel that the students ought to be more responsible. It is not a political battleground to resort to the same formula used by the political parties during general elections.

K Begha, via e-mail


This is in support of the letter “Justified” (THT, March 20). I don’t understand why Nepali

Congress and all the other political parties playing the blame game. When Nepal Army started the recruitment of new soldiers, the Maoist vehemently protested against the move. No sooner had the recruitment process ended the Maoists announced recruitment of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers. Now once again parties seem to be divided over the issue of retirement of the eight brigadier generals. I don’t think this kind of situation is healthy. This is not a good precedence on the part of the poliical parties as they have great responsibilities on their shoulders, but they are acting only for petty


Prasun, via e-mail