Need to form advisory body

The most urgent task before the government is to take steps to integrate the Nepal Army and the Maoist militia. The earlier this is done, the better for the country because that could pave the way for the formation of a government with the participation of the Maoist leaders, which will decide on the elections to the constituent assembly.

Once the rebel army’s problem is taken care of, the government could concentrate on formulating plans for a new Nepal, where there would be justice and equality for all. The

important point, however, is the management of the arms. For this, the United Nations will have to be requested for assistance.

Also, the strength of the integrated new Nepal Army must be drastically reduced by diverting a large number of security personnel to construction works and other development projects. To give advice on this matter and to oversee the entire process, a military advisory body must be formed at once.

Ishwari Pradhan, via e-mail

Bad idea

The news “Donors may meet Maoist army expenses: Nepal” published in THT on May 29 was shocking because it is a ridiculous idea to seek aid from donors to feed the rebel army. In the changed context, the real need is to cut down the strength of the army. Nepal should know that aid comes with strings attached. We should thus attract investment, and not seek aid all the time.

Anugraha Poudel, via e-mail

Another leak

The HSEB board examination for grade 12 has just ended. During the SLC examination, the leakage of question paper has haunted the HSEB board as well. The media, however, remained uninformed this time around.

It is not surprising that some people resort to such unethical acts in the hope of making an extra buck. But the authorities have to be cautious and learn from past experiences. Some mechanism could surely be developed to keep an eye on the teachers who make the question papers and the staff at the Office of the Controller of Examination to stop the leakage.

Binu Gurung, via e-mail


It is ridiculous that THT published the photograph of a couple sharing some private moments at Basantapur (THT, May 29) in the Short Takes. Everyone has the right to lead a personal life and the media must respect the people’s right to privacy. The photographer should have first taken the couple’s permission. A few months ago also you had published a similar picture of a couple at the Central Zoo.

Sarose Bhurtel, Kantipur Engineering College

Traffic woes

I was caught up in a traffic jam en route to Tripureshwor from Kalimati recently. The jam was caused because of the construction work in progress. Such works should not be conducted during the daytime, as it causes unnecessary chaos and jams. Moreover,

considering the increasing number of vehicles in the Valley, the road connecting Kalimati to Tripureshwor is too narrow. The Department of Roads should expand the road and carry out the construction works only during the nights.

Ravi Bhandari, Kathmandu University