Irresponsible attitude

I was shocked to read the news “13 school kids killed in Sunsari mishap” (THT, May 10). It is really tragic for the poor families. But the blame is to be put on the school administration for their callous attitude. It is reported that the three-wheeler tempo skidded off the road and plunged into a canal because it was overloaded with around 25 school children.

The authority concerned should take serious action against the school management and punish the culprit(s) so that all schools learn a lesson from this sad incident and become more cautious in future. They have to think about the safety of children while dropping and picking them up.

Rajeev Humagain, via e-mail

Justify first

The government has been reviewing and annulling several decisions made by the royal regime. One of them was to revoke the recently held municipality elections. While different sections have welcomed this move, I feel the government should give proper reasons for its decisions. Because failing to do so would set a negative trend. Suppose a party is in power and secures a strong hold in the polls conducted by it, but another party that may come into power later may declare the polls illegitimate.

The turnout in the municipal elections was around 20 per cent. If the low turnout was the reason, then the government should first pass a law that states the minimum percentage of votes that should be cast in order to make an election legitimate. The other reason may be that the major political parties did not participate in the elections. If this is the reason, then also the government should clearly state the absence of which parties having what kind of status (which is again debatable) would make elections illegitimate.

If this government, too, keeps on making decisions without actually justifying them then it would also be no different than an autocratic one.

Asim Shrestha, Chabahil

Help injured

As we all know that many people lost their lives in the peoples’ movement and many more are seriously injured and battling for their life in various hospitals of the valley and also in India.

To help the injured demonstrators, the people and various private and public organisations had generously donated money, which must have easily exceeded Rs 10 million by now. However, it is unfortunate that many patients claim that they have not received the promised financial help. The least the new government can do is to support the victims by providing them financial relief immediately.

Arjun Sapkota, Dhumbarahi

G P’s health

There has already been a delay in taking necessary measures and creating a suitable environment for holding elections to a constituent assembly.

One of the reasons is Prime Minister G P Koirala’s deteriorating health. If he is really unwell, why can’t he resign and the seven-party alliance (SPA) choose someone else to head the government?

The people’s agenda cannot be made to wait indefinitely on the premise of the prime minister’s health condition. The SPA should decide on this matter immediately.

Niraj Shrestha, via e-mail