Public frustration

The ongoing protests and the curfews imposed by the state have crippled the commoners’ life. For how long do we have to go with this? How long do we still have to stay inside our homes? The political forces of this country seem incapable of ensuring a better future for the people. What good did democracy bring to this country and where are we heading even after the King’s February 1 move? All that the people are getting is more frustration due to daily killings, bloodsheds and torture.

It is high time the people united to stop the escalating violence in the country.

Esha Manandhar, via e-mail


I was shocked to learn that the government is denying vehicle passes to media houses during curfew hours. The news “THT denied curfew pass,” (THT, April 9) was shocking too. Media has to report the real happenings to the people and the government should not stop them from carrying out their daily business. It seems that the government is frightened by the outrage against it and therefore does not want the people to know the truth. The government, which claims to believe in freedom of press, cannot control the flow of independent news in this manner.

Barring the movement of media people would only backfire at the government itself. So it would be wise on the part of the government to allow free movement for mediapersons during the curfew.

Chhabi Pokharel, via e-mail


On the second day of the nationwide strike called by the seven-party alliance, the streets of Pokhara remained tense following the riots. The group of agitating mob that gathered around Srijana Chowk chanting pro-democratic slogans pelted stones at the security personnel. The incident turned worse as the electricity supply went off. Sadly, a group of student protestors destroyed public property like streetlights and vandalised public buildings. They burnt tyres and logs, and also pelted stones at the houses.

It is futile to blame the security forces all the time for beating the agitators. Many a time, it is the crowd itself that provokes action from the policemen.

Nothing can be achieved through the methods of destruction and by terrorising the general mass. Although the political situation is not that good at home, the party cadres and the protestors should at least stop victimising the innocent people and destroying valuable public properties.

Tilak Poudel, New Road, Pokhara

Probe leak

It is a matter of shame that the SLC question papers were openly available in the market of Kathmandu and could easily be purchased by the students. Yet the Office of the Controller of examination denied that the papers actually leaked and that such a thing ever happened. That was just an excuse given in a desperate effort to save the face of the authorities concerned.

All the concerned government bodies should jointly investigate the issue and reveal the truth. The public deserves to know how the question papers were leaked in the first place. We need to stop the leakage since it is unfair on the few hardworking and honest students as well as teachers.

Rajesh Shrestha, via e-mail