Wrong politics

This is in reference to the edit page article “Student Election” (THT, March 12) and letters

“Campus Polls” (March 12) and “Dark Future” (March 13). I support Dr. Wagley and friends for their views regarding the politically skewed Free Student Union’s polls. The student politics controlled by the major political parties of the country is a curse for genuine students already bearing the brunt of power crisis, political instability and jobless future. The Free Student Union’s election is leading the students towards antagonism. I urge the political parties to help strengthen educational institutions academically rather than politicising them.

Suman Dhun Shrestha, Kathmandu University


The Jawalakhel ground has become an important place for live concerts. But the concerned people seem to be unaware that the Central Zoo lies nearby. The loud sound produced during the concert disturbs the normal physiology of the animals and birds in the zoo. This is also a violation of animal rights. Every animal has the right to live in their natural habitat. As an animal lover myself, I urge all the common people and animal lovers to boycott concerts held on the Jawalakhel ground. I also urge the government and municipality to ban concerts on the ground. Let’s think about the helpless caged animals and birds.

Rajesh Joshi, HICAST, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

No result

The murderers of journalist Uma have not been found. Similarly, the murder of Birendra Shah remains a mystery. The Prime Minister has failed to fulfil his commitment to take action against the culprits. It was he who promised the return properties seized during the conflict to their rightful owners within three months. But, nothing has happened as yet. YCL still retains its paramilitary activities.

Previously, the Maoists used to blame the Nepali Congress for creating obstacles in development works. Now, with UCPN-Maoist itself leading the government, I wonder why it has not been able to deliver on its promises.

Dwaipayan Regmi, COBASS, Biratnagar


I suspect melamine additions in some of the dairy milk products available in the market. It might be remembered that China lost billions of dollars as a result of this scandal in recent times. Nepal, too, had to ban all the milk products from China, including candies. I would like to draw the attention of the food quality control office of the Nepal Government to investigate whether the dairy companies are engaged in melamine additions or not.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

Well done

A Nepali team has finally won a major soccer tournament. The team managed to defeat the Sri Lankan and Pakistani national sides. But instead of basking in glory, efforts should be made to raise the standard of the game in the country.

For some time the Nepali national side has performed below expectations. This victory will silence many critics who believe that the Nepali players are not up to the mark.

Raju Lama, via e-mail