Insensitive remark

This is in response to the article “Public vehicles spawn sexual harassment” (THT, March 12). I disagree with Subash Shrestha ‘Dukhi’ who made the unhappy remark in the news item that girls and women who choose tight-fitting and scanty clothes, are to be blamed. Even ladies using no such kind of clothes normally are victims of such abuse; conservative clothes alone do not mean that the women can avoid such attacks. I am not defending tight-fitting and scanty clothes, but even when they are in use, it cannot be an excuse for any kind of sexual harassment.

Silvio, via e-mail

Dark future

This is in reference to the edit page article “Student election” (THT, March,12). Dr. Wagley is right in saying that the student union in every campus is just for politics and polluting the educational environment. I am from a government campus and have experiences that can affect my future career. Classes have not been conducted smoothly due to union

programmes for one month. We are crying out for a favourable educational

environment in campuses but no one listens to us.

Rajkumar Shrestha, via e-mail


TU Vice-Chancellor M P Sharma has stated that all the youth of the country should have financial access to higher education. It seems Sharma wants to bring more state budget for higher education schemes that have been producing white-collar unemployable products for a long time. The state budget for education should be drastically

reduced. All the educational establishments should be in the private sector, and the huge wastage of state funds on education should be stopped. All the youth should have access to loans from banks without collateral with conditions to repay after they start working.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

Be strict

Apropos of the letter “For tax” (THT, March 12), the government should utilise the tax from the private schools and then use the funds for the development of government schools. The government must make sure that the schools do not collect the additional money from the students as is taking place currently. The government should find a permanent solution to this problem.

Pooja Lama, via e-mail


It is reported that 40 different Constituent Assembly teams starting Feb 27, 2009, left for different parts of the country to collect suggestions from the people for writing the new constitution. This is waste of public funds. Most of these teams also are reported to be facing problems in carrying on with their mission.People have already suggested to the Constituent Assembly that sustainable peace should be established in the country by writing a

constitution with provisions guaranteeing employment, human rights,proportionate

representation of all the marginalized communities in all the affairs of the state, eradication of corruption and impunity, punishment of the corrupt people, particularly those in positions of authority, and the creation of an environment of harmony among all the communities.

Rabi Manandhar,

via e-mail