Irresponsible decision:

This refers to the news report “NUTA opposes TU’s vacation extension” published in THT on January 30. Tribhuvan University’s decision to extend its winter vacation is totally an irresponsible step because TU authorities know very well that the extension will only hamper studies. Even under normal circumstances, the TU-affiliated colleges are unable to complete their courses in time. At present, hardly 50 per cent of the courses have been covered. How can the authorities concerned extend the vacation when there is a pressure on the teachers to complete the course?

What can students expect from such a university that does what it likes. Such a rash decision can have a negative impact on TU in the long run. This move shows how politicised the institution has become that it has to follow the government’s line. TU should not let politics interfere in the running of regular classes.

Ritesh KC, TU


The upcoming municipal elections seem ridiculous. It is said that many candidates came to know about their candidacy only from the news. There are candidates who seem to know nothing about politics. How can the government not see the repercussions of being so adamant? How many people will actually go to vote given the threats by the Maoists? In any case, a lot of candidates have already withdrawn their nomination.

At present, the government does not have the required public support to hold the polls. The acute shortage of candidates has already foretold the failure of the upcoming polls. If the government still thinks that February 8 move will be a success, it is daydreaming.

Anupam Bhusal, via e-mail

Sad scene:

It is unfortunate that Nepal is facing tough days because of the vested interests of some of the so-called democratic leaders in the past and of the royal government at present. Thanks to them, the country, which was once known as a “zone of peace” and where Buddha was born, is now known to be unsafe for travellers, not to talk of the rising death toll of innocent people being killed by the Maoists and the security forces. It is high time the people got rid of these selfish leaders.

Yam Gurung, UK

Add a page:

It would be nice if The Himalayan Times could add a page to give information on top Hollywood and Bollywood movies, best selling games, latest animations, books and top 10 English and Nepali songs once a week. Since THT is popular amongst young people, such a page would appeal to them more.

Jayesh Gorkhali, via e-mail

Save the pond:

A few days back I visited the famous Ranipokhari to feed the fish there. However, I was shocked at the condition of the pond and the creatures. The water was dirty and, thanks to the winter season, many of them had died. There must be some people responsible for the maintenance of the place. During the winter season necessary arrangements to shift them to some other conducive places have to be made. The department concerned should make arrangements to clean the pond and save the remaining aquatic lives.

Sanjeev Lama, Jorpati