Fight terrorism

This is in reference to the news report “Terror strikes on Lankan cricketers in Pak” (THT, March 4). As cricket fans, we were shocked by the news. We know about the

security situation in Pakistan. It was a really sad day for cricket. Definitely, it was a deadly attack against a sports team from Sri Lanka. Obviously, the terrorist attack throws a massive question mark over the future of the game in Pakistan. So, we should all join hands to fight terrorism and defeat it.

Suraj Sharma, via e-mail


The recent decision by the Maoists to assign their own ministers to ‘keep an eye’ on the ministries run by the ministers of other coalition partners smacks of

conspiracy. They seem to have come to the conclusion that they alone are ‘working’ for the good of the country and no one else is, though the reality is totally different. If the performance is any yardstick, the Maoist

ministers have done nothing special to cheer about. The Prime Minister has been making one commitment after another but fulfilling none. The Defence Minister has picked up a fight with the Nepal Army.

His stand has been partially vindicated by the Supreme Court, but he now faces an uphill task to get full vindication. The Finance Minister has done an excellent job of mobilizing revenues but has not been able to ensure delivery by ministerial colleagues from his own party. The

Communications Minister seems to be doing a good job, but he has not been able to stop pressmen from being intimidated or even killed. So goes for the Culture Minister also.

With such records, how can these ‘competent’ ministers ever keep an eye on the erformance of other ministers? Time has come for the Maoists to learn how to govern the country before indulging in unjustified self-praise or displaying arrogance.

Adarsha Tuladhar, Kathmandu

Be serious

The government is spending millions for the purpose of drafting the constitution. I hope the lawmakers in general will devote themselves to collecting valuable information to

provide good inputs for constitution-writing.

Pawan G. C. Sano Bharyang, Kathmandu

Join hands

In response to the news article “Policy thorn in private investors’ flesh” (THT, Feb 27), unless there is a firm alliance between the government and the private sector, a robust economy is impossible. VDIS is a means to generate resources for government expenses and it also cuts down the portion of underground or unregistered economy. The government should take the private sector entrepreneurs into confidence and clarify all the nitty-gritty. Both must work together.

Tulsi Upadhyay Imadole-5, Lalitpur.

Bad image

Apropos of the news report “Anti-graft body calls for improved facilities at TIA” (THT, March 3), TIA has certainly become the breeding ground forpolitics, irregularities,

corruption, etc. Forget the high officials, a CIAA raid on the houses of the loaders can itself reflect the posh life they are enjoying in the capital with houses, cars and fat bank accounts. TIA does not give a good impression.

Yam Gurung,UK