Inefficient service

I always thought that the state-run utilities defraud the public in most of the countries but this seems true even in the private sector. I have been a customer of a private Internet service provider in Nepal for the last seven months, but I have never had a moment of peace using the service. The service is down the moment you need it the most, thereby causing considerable loss to the surfer who could have taken it for a hundred and one reasons. This is a consistent problem, and as a matter of fact, they get away with it because most of the people are not aware of consumer laws that protect their rights. There is a need to provide the necessary information regarding the laws, if any, for the benefit of Internet users like myself.

Steven William Pitts,

via e-mail


I am proud of being a TU student, which serves a large number of students every year. It is also commendable that TU is making efforts to adapt to the changing times.

However, even after 40 years, it has not been able to boost its credibility. The newer

universities have done really well in a short span of time. Inefficiency has caused

delays in holding examinations and publishing the results. There are unorganised and

impractical routines. A recent example is the time-table for MBS first year exams scheduled to begin soon. Subjects carrying 50 marks have preparation leave for three to four days while subjects like Research Methodology and Statistics, which carry 100 marks, have only a day’s gap. Such things tend to increase the failure rate of students.

Ramesh Kumar Adhikary, via e-mail

Mobile mess

Of late, the number of mobile phone users has increased in the country. But people misuse the phones as excessive use of mobiles in public places causes disturbance to others. The owners have no sense to switch off their phones during meetings. In many countries, the use of mobiles in cinema halls, public programmes, etc. is strictly prohibited. Our country should make similar rules so that those who do not possess mobiles are saved from this nuisance.

Abhinay Jayaswal, Baneswor

Low standard

I’ve been following cricket lately, but the poor presentation and commentary during the matches is very disappointing. Professionals should be hired for the job as in other countries. The men behind the microphones have a big role in making any match interesting. But our commentators have no clue as to what they utter and what’s happening around them. This shows how poor is the standard of live broadcasts in the country.

Ayush Uprety, Xavier



The Nepali team’s brilliant performance in the Under-17 football tournament has made us all proud. Now the question arises how to develop this young team into a much stronger

national team. One step in that direction would be to organise ANFA junior football league so that they get better training.

In the meantime, one can wish good luck to the team for the ACC Under-17 championship to be held in Singapore next year.

Amit Sharma, VS Niketan