Provide better services:

As a subscriber to Mero Mobile, I hope the interconnection problem with regard to both the operators — Nepal Telecom (NT) and Spice Nepal Private Limited (SNPL) — ends as soon as possible. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority, being the sole regulatory body for the telecommunications sector in Nepal, should put pressure for interconnections. After three decades of monopoly, the time has come for NT to finally realise the value of an individual consumer. The recent announcement of appointing more than 101 sales agents in the valley and starting home delivery service of SIM cards are the results of cut-throat competition. I hope that the two operators will compete in a healthy environment and not just come up with a competitive rate but also provide a wide range of services.

Malin Gurung, Nakhipot


This refers to the inroads made by “Westernisation” into Nepali society. After the end of the autocratic Rana regime and restoration of multiparty democracy, Nepal opened its door to foreigners. They started visiting our country and along with them also arrived their culture. That’s how our younger generation have become hooked on Western culture. They started adopting foreign culture without considering the values of their own. They are copying an alien style by incorporating English words in their mother tongue and with a vague sense, and by using western ideas, beliefs, styles of which they have absolutely no idea. They are used to pop and rock songs and watch foreign programmes. They seem to have lost all respect for their own culture. It is good to have knowledge about foreign cultures but we should also give due respect to our own culture because it reflects our identity.

Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu

Safety first:

The authorities should install traffic lights at all the major intersections of the Valley. I would like to stress “safety first” and convenience and comfort should come later on. What’s the use if you don’t live to enjoy comforts? The public also seems to ignore traffic lights even when traffic policemen are on duty. Those manning the traffic should not ignore these offenders but take strict action against them. I would recommend that the authorities install red light cameras and speed cameras which would compel the offenders to adhere to the rules by making them pay hefty fines. Controlling the traffic manually is an old-fashioned way which cannot take care of heavy traffic properly. Therefore, it is necessary to install modern equipment to keep pace with changing times, train the traffic cops, and make the people aware of traffic sense too. Otherwise, traffic accidents would increase in days to come.

Parag Piya, via e-mail

Revive it:

I have been a regular reader of THT for the past two years. Previously THT was mind-blowing with beautiful articles and my favourite “The face of the month.” I am sorry to say that I don’t go through THT nowadays because such articles have disappeared from your newspaper. I hope you heed my suggestion.

Abhinay, via e-mail