Reduce fuel consumption:

I would like to differ with Pratik Pradhan’s views expressed in his letter “Price hikes” (THT, August 25). It is a fact that petroleum prices have gone up in the international market. Consequently, NOC is obliged to hike the prices in order to be at par. However, since the past week there have been rampant protests in the valley against the petro-price hikes. Besides stone-pelting, fisticuffing and lathi-charging, various unfortunate events have happened between the security personnel and students. Mere reduction of taxes and checking adulteration are not the ultimate solution to the energy crisis as suggested by Pradhan. It is our responsibility to help NOC rather than blame it. We must help in order to mitigate the fuel shortage. Although Nepal is rich in hydroelectricity, yet, the lack of funds has made it impossible to harness it, which would otherwise make Nepal free from energy problem. Under the given circumstances, we can adopt economic measures to reduce fuel consumption. The number of vehicles consuming fossil fuel must be cut down and more trolley buses can be added. The public should be aware of the limitations of fossil fuel, and to curtail the expenditure, they must reduce the frequency of cooking meals. The project for extracting petroleum within the country must be emphasised. The solar cooking system and solar-powered vehicles must be introduced. In the present era of science and technology, it would be extremely unwise to depend entirely on the fossil fuels instead of mulling over the feasibility of using the inexhaustible and ubiquitous solar energy.

Subash C Nepal, Jawalakhel

Post guards:

The Swayambhu Management and Conservation Committee (SMCC) should post guards at wayambhu stupa to prevent the valuable artworks from damage and theft. The stone surfaces of the stupa and other shrines have been defaced at various spots as they are now carved with writings. These writings may be holy words, but that does not mean that the original work of art should be allowed to be disfigured. The SMCC earns a lot of money by charging tourists visiting this World Heritage Site. They should use some of the income to hire guards to protect Swayambhu from uncaring visitors and ignorant pilgrims. There is a large stone inscription on the southwestern side of the stupa that is totally exposed to miscreants. A steel railing should be erected around it so that the general public cannot get too close. It is assuring to see guards and policemen at Pashupatinath temple to prevent wrongdoers. Similar arrangements should be made at Swayambhu too.

Bhai Kaji, Kathmandu


Although the King’s visit to the mid- and far-western regions of the country may heal the wounds of the people suffering from the ongoing Maoist insurgency, it is not going to solve all their problems. The insurgency has spread to almost all parts of the country. Industries have shut down, leading to large-scale unemployment. It would be better if all the political forces of the country came together to solve the problems facing the nation.

Bimal Pandey, Butwal