Using student power

It is the responsibility of all the students to support the country’s legal system. Students have the power to establish peace and lead the country. They can play a crucial role in bringing about political, economic and social changes. Nepali students played a significant role in the

establishment of democracy in 1990. However, it has been proved that if student power is misused, it can have destructive consequences for the nation. Both the political parties and the Maoists have misused the students for their political ends. The insurgents and the security forces have abused them. Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre estimates that 405 childern have been killed since 1996. The Maoists have abducted over 26,000 children and teachers. The forces have detained over 222 children and killed 171. Similarly, 8,000 children have been orphaned and over 40,000 displaced. How can teachers teach under such circumstances? At least, a peaceful environment must exist for the nation to develop. So, for the development of society, there must be peace. The students can then devote their lives for society’s betterment.

Sagar Giri, Kathmandu

Right step

This concerns the front-page photograph of the so-called ‘Democracy Wall’ being demolished. As far as I know, the building belongs to Nepal Electricity Authority but your caption did not mention this fact. Moreover, the wall in question is by no means a symbol of democracy. It is rather a symbol of a mockery of democracy used by the political parties in the past 12 years. The ANNFSU and the NSU activists also had a massive fight over it. I, as a resident of Bagbazar, am very happy that the wall has finally been demolished.

S R Tuladhar, via e-mail


Make your website more prompt and improve the quality of photographs. You can also include

the photos related to various incidents to make the site more popular among readers.

Rajiv Singh, via e-mail

Ray of hope

Karna Shakya’s article published in THT recently on “Soch” was encouraging. “Soch” is the book which every nationalist must read without any bias. The book has the power to change attitudes, feelings and perceptions towards Nepalis and the current crisis. It gives a ray of hope.

Rabindra Suwal, Myagdi


The number of buses plying on Ring Road have outnumbered the taxis as everyone prefers the former. The bus service is very effective with regard to the fare and its frequency. However, the commuters are affected by carelessness of the conductors. Sometimes old women and young ladies are pushed around. Recently, I happened to travel from Chabahil to Kusunti by Sajha Bus. A young woman was standing at the rear. When her destination arrived at Satdobato she could not get off. Ultimately she disembarked at Kusunti. There was no other option than to wait for another bus. The drivers and conductors don’t bother about the passengers’ convenience. The authorities concerned should check overcrowding by introducing more buses.

Subash C Nepal, Jawalakhel