Encourage voluntary exit

Apropos of the news “TU brass flushes boarders from Kanti hostel,” published in THT on August 8, the police did a right thing by evicting those students who were overstaying their tenures. It has to be accepted that some genuine students who had a few courses yet to cover this academic season might also have been asked to leave. Kanti and other university hostels are meant for the needy. Deserving candidates from rural areas come to continue their studies in Kathmandu each year and with old students occupying the berths as though they have been meant only for the seniors, there is no denying the facility has been misused. It is also sad that thesis seems to take the blame most of the time as this is one aspect of the

higher education system in Nepal where students are allowed to drag their feet long after the theoretical exams are over. In good colleges and universities around the world, thesis is submitted before the final day of the theoretical exams. This needs to be introduced in Nepal too as it will not only make the education system efficient, but will also instil a sense of punctuality among the student community. Had that been the case, the Kanti hostel hassle with the police would not have happened in the first place.

Pradyumna Karki, via e-mail


Lalitpur, also known as the City of Fine Arts, is full of rich cultural heritage. The beauty of Lalitpur lies in the ancient temples and Chaityas. However, the roadside vegetable and fruit vendors have ruined the beauty of this place, especially the Durbar Square area. I would like to request the municipal authorities not to allow the vendors to occupy the roadside area since this completely destroys the beauty of this magnificent city. It would look much better if all those shops were shifted to some appropriate areas and completely restricted from places like “Patan Durbar square” which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. In fact, there are so many such sites which need to be looked after by the municipal authorities around the capital city. Bhaktapur and Hanuman Dhoka are other important hubs that need protection.

Anip Joshi, via e-mail


The news “Bullet-riddled woman seeks compensation in vain” published in THT on August 7 was upsetting. The security man who shot her in particular and the government in general

cannot evade just by saying that it was an accident. An innocent person has been shot at and the government’s unwillingness to compensate her indicates that the State is neither

concerned with the lives of the civilians nor is ready to take the responsibility. Also, since the accident was reported to have occurred while the weapon was being cleaned, it reminds us how ill trained our security personnel are at handling lethal weapons. 

Kishor Basyal, Baneshwore


With reference to the news “Bhutanese refugees attempt to enter India” in your online edition (August 3) I would like to point out that the Border Security Force (BSF) is not deployed in Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan border. Hence the mention that “BSF is denying Bhutanese refugees to enter India in Kakarbita border” is incorrect.

Tirtha Acharya, New Delhi