Monitor school fees

Looking at charges of some private schools, it seems there are no government regulations in the country to deal with the matter. Schools take any amount of fee they like. For example, a school in Sinamangal, Kathmandu, runs computer classes for class 3-10 students for which it charges extra money every month in addition to the regular monthly fee. The school also has a practical computer class, which hardly lasts an hour where it provides one computer for four students. Similarly, most schools charge examination fee every term and for all other tests. So almost five times a year, the schools charge extra fee in this way. There should be fixed government policies and guidelines to run the schools and a set fee structure. In the absence of good regulations, the students and their parents can be over-charged easily. This may also be called an example of indirect corruption prevailing in the country.

B P Timalsina, via e-mail

New alliance

The seven-party alliance appears to be guided by strategic motives rather than true meeting of the hearts. However, it also appears that the political parties are now war- weary and hence thinking in terms of picking up friendship with those who were considered enemies until just a few weeks before. This once again substantiates the age-old belief that no one is a permanent foe or a permanent friend when it comes to politics. However, there are sections in political parties who think that the latest overture from the rebels may not be actually genuine. Many in the alliance fear that the rebels could be trying their old trick of

buying time and fooling their rivals. But the report of emerging cooperation between the parties and the Maoists needs to be watched. One could wait, lie low and keep a tab on what

happens next. New political equations seem to be emerging in the country. This is an interesting development.

Anil Bhattarai, Kathmandu

Sad decision

It is sad that the two Ambani brothers have decided to part ways after breaking up of the Reliance group, one of India’s biggest business houses. Mukesh Ambani and his younger brother Anil had been engaged in a public spat over the running of the empire since the demise of their father. The family feud is certainly not going to be good for the company that has global sales totalling almost $23 billion. Both the brothers should have settled their quarrel

in private and not made it a public affair. This will benefit neither the Ambani brothers nor India’s business sector.

Ayusha Adhikari, Maitidevi


The people of Kathmand have been forced to live in the ever-increasing polluted environment.

Since summer is taking its toll, rivers like the Bagmati have dried up and river pollution has

created serious problems for the people. It is impossible for the people living there to live comfortably with the foul smell coming from the rivers. I do not understand why the authorities are not taking this problem seriously. Environmental hazards can cause the spread of deadly diseases. The municipal office should do something soon to help the people.

Simon, Bhimsengola