Extend help to farmers

The news “food insecurity gets worse,” published in THT on June 1 reflects the gloomy condition facing the Nepali farmers today. With the ongoing conflict in the country, the normal life of the rural community is severely affected. This is unfortunate for a country where agriculture is the backbone of its economy. This is the only sector where we have competitive

advantage over other countries. But to our dismay due to the conflict and the deteriorating law and order situation, agricultural development has come to a virtual standstill. Farmers were in any case facing problems related with selling of their products at reasonable price in the past, but now it seems that this right has been denied to them altogether. Agricultural products in the country have sharply declined, many agro-based industries have shut down, and investment and innovation in the field of agriculture is nil. There are existing problems not only in the production-related activities but also in free mobility of goods and services. This will not only discourage the poor farmers but will adversely affect the livelihood of more than 80 per cent of the Nepalis who directly or indirectly depend on agriculture for their living. The government should help the rural community soon; otherwise we will be left with no option but to depend only on the imported goods for our survival.

Akesh Jaiswal, Shankar Dev Campus


The Midway article ‘Relativity’ by Tara Bhatta published in THT on June 2 was a brilliant piece. Bhatta gave an awesome analysis of the theory of relativity and it’s connection with the

Purans. Being a Brahmin and also a professor of physics, I am quite familiar with both physics and Hindu mythology. But never in my career had I paid attention to this mysterious link that the writer explained. What our mythology said earlier seems to be adapted by science. The time of Brahma, cycles of ages and the prophecy of Ramayana are absolutely relevant to science and is thus an exciting topic for discussion these days. Though Bhatta was unclear about how the tachyon particles and Michelson Morley experiment have challenged Einstein, it reflects on the wit of the writer to even offer such a clarification in a difficult subject. This write-up can prove to be a milestone to the readers of science.

Satya Raj Acharya, Chabahil

Water crisis

Despite being the inhabitants of the “Cherapunji” of Nepal, we, the residents of Simalchaur, Pokhara, are facing an acute shortage of drinking water since a few weeks. We have asked for help from the concerned authorities many times, but in vain. Water is now supplied to this area only thrice a week for just two hours that too at night. This is not at all sufficient for cooking, leave alone for other purposes. These days the reservoirs are dry and the shortage has compelled us to fetch polluted water from other sources for kitchen use. People have to walk a distance of 2.5 km every morning to fetch water at Fewa Power House. As a

consequence the children are getting sick. The concerned authorities should pay immediate

attention to our plight before we fall victims to some deadly epidemic.

Tilak Poudel Chhetri, Doon Academy, Pokhara