LETTERS: Bhattarai made things worse

I read with great interest the news story “Madhes agitation going out of control: Bhattarai” (THT Nov. 22, Page 2). After the formation of the new constitution Dr. Bhattarai showed his sympathy towards the Madhesi people and said that he could not enjoy the moment as “half of the Nepalese are not satisfied with this constitution”. At the crucial

moment of giving satisfaction to the agitating parties by addressing their practical demands he quit the party being irresponsible and ignorant. His deeds did not limit up to there; then after he went to different places of the Tarai promising to burn the newly made constitution, which later he cancelled because of which agitators broke the stage where he had delivered the speech. And now he is running after making a new force ignoring the critical situation of country. Is it not his duty to help find solutions to the current impasse? But unfortunately his knowledge is of no use to us as he is not showing the way to solve the problems rather they are being more complicated day by day just because of his irresponsible statements.

Bibek Subedi, Kathmandu


The country is facing a serious fuel crisis. I would like to draw your attention to the use of fire woods as part of the solution that is ongoing now. Though it seems to be a good alternative right now, it would be hazardous for the future.

Nature is a very delicate thing. Once the systems in ecosystems are affected severely, it would come out as different natural calamities for the organisms living. The tree logging that is going right now will soon prove to be costly. The unorganized rapid logging of woods seems likely to ensue in the current situation. This means as the people in villages will go for firewood as the only alternative, the people in larger cities will also start buying and using firewood. This dual pressure on the ecosystem can manifest in terms of landslides and seasonal fluctuations of precipitation. Thus, the concerned people should be aware of this impact on nature and should go for other alternatives than this free tree felling spree.

Prawesh Gautam, Kathmandu


The current political situation that the nation is passing through for the last three months is the outcome of political immaturity on the part of the major political parties and the Madhesi ones who are not sensitive about the hardships faced by the general people. However, those voters who voted for these bunch of leaders are bearing the brunt of the blockade. No one would have dared walk up to voting box, if they would have known this scenario of today. It’s unfair and completely unjust to punish innocent citizens depriving them of their normal life, creating scarcities of medicines, gases and petroleum products. Creating pessimism among innocent citizens is going to affect the country in the long term.

Dwaipayan Regmi,