LETTERS: Build the bridge soon

Apropos of the news story “Sunkoshi Bridge not completed yet” (THT, January1, Page 6), it is sad that the people of Khotang want development and prosperity of not only the district but also the prosperity of the whole country.

Khotang is a remote hilly district but it has immense potentials of prosperity if its natural resource, including hydropower, is harnessed for the betterment of the people. Despite the abundant resources the district is still lagging far behind the development process compared to other districts with similar geography.

It is sad news that construction of a motorable bridge over the Sunkoshi River has not started yet due to contractor’s carelessness and indifferent attitude of the major political parties. Every year Khotang has to waste a huge amount of money to install Bailey bridge which works only during dry season. How long can we wait until a permanent solution is found? People of Khotang must press the government, political parties, contractors and even the policy makers to expedite the bridge construction process.

If a bridge over the river is constructed the entire district will be connected to the Kathmandu Valley and the Tarai region.

Magar Bharat Khotang, Kathmandu

Probe it

Apropos to the news story “17 ton fish die due to lack of viable market in Nuwakot district” (THT Online, December 28), we have to admit that the government is rapidly failing to cater to poor people and protecting their interests.

Lack of market is just an excuse to sweep the main problem under the carpet. Across the international border in the south there is huge demand for fish in India with fair retail prices available to boost the local fishery industry.

My question is what has the district and central administration done for years — sleeping a nice dream on tax payer’s money and sucking the blood of the poorest citizens? It is easy to win an election and difficult to forge an alliance; but it is challenging to propel the nation forward towards economic self-reliance.

The current government and administration as well as the incumbent government must take responsibility for this huge scam. I refuse to believe that small market space in terms of economy leads to this huge wastage while hundreds and thousands are starving in the country and there are huge trade opportunities open with neighboring nation.

All one need to do is set up proper trade channels. It is a shame that the government has failed to develop better transport system and modern storage facilities, business and economic plans during all these years.

The huge foreign aid received post-earthquake has travelled into numerous pockets of bureaucrats and politicians while the poor citizens are living a miserable life in the harsh winter across the economically devastated nation.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada