LETTERS: Carrot and stick policy

We all know that civil servants and their services are backbones of the bureaucracy and the government.

However, time and again, we hear the news about their delay in day-to-day activities. Due to this the common people are facing problems getting their works done by the bureaucrats who often defer public services with one or the other excuse.

Many development works to be carried out by the government are delayed and day-to-day services to the people hampered due to the lethargic working style of civil servants and law enforcing agencies.

Bureaucrats are supposed to deliver government services promptly and facilitate the development works as per schedule. But they lack efficiency on both the counts. Civil Service Day was marked with fanfare the other day.

But the public were not enthusiastic and felt no charm when it was marked. The government should do more to make the bureaucrats more accountable to the people, and they should live up to public expectations.

Apart from this, the government should award those civil servants who make outstanding performance in the assigned tasks for example completing any development project within the time schedule with the set standard and norms.

Such government employees should be promoted so that others can also be inspired from such encouragement.

The carrot and-stick policy is the only way that can make the government bureaucracy more functional and active.

Saroj Wagle, Bara


Rocker Frederic Bulsara aka Freddy Mercury of the phenomenal band Queen deserves the posthumous honour.

On stage he was no less of a showman than an asteroid.

Flamboyant Freddie was far ahead of his equally maverick rivals in stage showmanship, including Jagger, Tyler, Sly, Hutchence, Angus, Townsend, Keith Moon and, of course, Jimi.

The world will not only miss them for their out of this world music but also for their stage presence.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Aussie’s power

It was really a marvelous performance from Australia who went on to put on a powerful batting performance against Sri Lanka in the first of the 2-T20 series being played in Pallekele.

The visiting team put on a huge score of 263-3 with Glen Maxwell batting with determination to score 145 as his career-best individual score.

Later on when the home team came in for batting, it was restricted to just 178-9.

Although the score was really not bad from any angle from the Sri Lankan point of view, the team was unable to match the batting prowess of Australia, forcing the home team to surrender by 85 runs.

During the time, Sri Lanka was made an archipelago surrounded by troubles because it was nowhere near to neither disturbing the score nor challenging the Aussie bowlers.

Now time has finally arrived for the Nepali national cricket team under the captaincy of Paras Khadka to perform well in this format of the game.

Pratik Shrestha, Baneshwor