LETTERS: Define fruitful

Writing about “Dahal’s visit to India” (THT, September 15, Page 8), the writer asks, “Will it be fruitful?” We could ask him to define the term ‘fruitful’.

Does fruitful means getting extra money to distribute to the quake affected? Does it mean getting all that we want and giving nothing in return? So, what is fruitful?

The writer goes on to say that ‘the success of visit is limited”, but what if India agrees to lay vast networks of roads, railways, hydro powers and keep on pumping more money and asking all its citizens to go on a holiday in this country.

The writer sees Dahal’s trip as ‘a trust building visit primarily as there has been a big gap that cannot be bridged easily’. What are the causes of distrust that created widening chasm between the two nations that are culturally, historically, geographically and socially tied together like Siamese twins?

How can Nepal play the role of a doctor and sew the trust gap? Will amendment to the constitution act as a soothing balm on trust deficit? Will it bridge the gap if Nepal counsels with India before talking to other neighbours?

It is time that the public know what will seal the gap.

Dahal has shown that no gap is too wide to be bridged. Not too long ago Dahal publicly declared that he cannot be a ‘yes man’ and that he would rather opt for a bicycle to circumvent during the border blockade.

His trip today proves that the bridge is already laid over the trust gap.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


The self-destructive stand adopted by the current President will destroy the Philippine’s chances of confronting an assertive China slowly establishing its claim in the resource rich South China Sea.

When the nation needs an extensive international support in confronting China for securing the long term future and interests of the people of the nation; unnecessary ego clashes with powerful nations will only marginalize the Philippines in securing and protecting her long term interest in the South China dispute.

No one is above the national interest of the nation including the President and taking the nation to a wrong path for high fathomed ego and emphasis for establishing personal charisma will only push the Philippines towards a global isolation locally, regionally (ASEAN platform) and internationally and strengthen China to push the Philippines out of the South China Sea confrontation.

The golden opportunity received by the Philippines has the risk of being pushed down the toilet if the President Dutarte continues to behave in this immature way negating the norms of international diplomacy.

Without the support of the US and western democracies, the Philippines will not be able to resist Chinese aggression and will only strengthen an assertive China in robbing the nation of her claims and stake.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada