LETTERS: Don’t end your precious life

The whole country is shocked to hear the suicide committed by famous rap artist Anil Adhikari, aka, Yama Buddha, who played a significant role in bringing changes in the Hip-Hop industry in Nepal.

He committed suicide in his early 20s in London. Suicide has been one of the most common issues. Nepal and Tanzania jointly stand at the seventh place among the countries with 24.9 suicide deaths every 100,000 people.

Dividing it sexually, Nepal stands at the 17th place for most male suicides (30.1 per 100,000) and at the 3rd place for most female suicides (20.0 per 100,000). This is a great number for such a small country like Nepal.

In 2009, the Nepalese Family Health Division’s Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Study published the “shocking finding” that suicide was the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age (15-49). Involvement in hallucinating activities, broken love affairs, family burden and social inequality can be some of the reasons for suicide.

All must understand that our life is hard today and it may be even worse tomorrow. But one should not resign from life; it is a struggle one must embrace. You may be going through poverty, depression, hatred and other encumbrances in your life. There will be a day when you will be thankful for the life that you lived.

It is advised to consult a psychiatrist whenever one feels depressed or some sort of mental illness.

Sachin Dotel, via email


A topless activist from the feminist group FEMEN was reported on Tuesday to have attacked a life-size wax statue of the US President-elect Donald Trump during an unveiling ceremony at Madrid’s wax museum and place her hand on the statue’s crotch while screaming “grab patriarchy by the balls” as an answer to his “grabbing women by the pussy” leaked last October during the presidential election campaign in the US.

Everybody would agree that we are very quick to copy the dirty part of the Western materialism and painfully slow to learn its positive values. It may not be unrealistic to assume that we might copy the sexism of the US presidential election campaign in the elections in our country in the very near future.

Federalism is in place for the last 240 years in the USA and our leaders are noisily talking about our achievements by trying to inject federalism into our country.

By trying to do so, we might be pushing the culture of the “Pussy and Balls” into our society without any success in catching the great achievements in the West in terms of materialistic development resulting in the continuation of the noisy beggar’s economic policy of bringing Rs. 12 billion every year from foreign countries only for an end to human rights violations and for social injustice, but such money is believed to disappear into the private pockets at the cost of the dignity and sovereignty of our nation.

Kulratna Bajracharya, Kathmandu