LETTERS: Economic vision

On Sunday, Naya Shakti Nepal (NSN) has formally launched the party’s journey with a slogan: “A prosperous Nepal is possible within our lifetime.” The common people are not much excited in politics due to their dichotomies about power.

Meanwhile Baburam Bhattrai is enthusiastically looking forward to a prosperous Nepal within our lifetime. As a common citizen of this country, I wholeheartedly support his vision and mission for economic revolution.

No nation can move forward without all the parties giving emphasis on economic progress and with a clear vision.

However, it is painful to say that each political party is correct in diagnosing the root causes of the country’s backwardness but have been failure to address them. Time will tell how the Naya Shakti Nepal will emerge in Nepal’s political sphere.

Bhattarai’s economic vision may be correct but his party needs to win the parliamentary election to implement its vision.

Given the election system in the new constitution it is impossible to lead the country towards prosperity.

Saroj Wagle, Bara


The initiatives taken by Janata Lower Secondary School of Khotang won my heart “School sets up its own veggie garden” (THT, June 12, Page 8).

Needless to say, it has done exemplary work in the course of inaugurating a solo development in agricultural sector. Such remarkable initiatives contribute to generating job opportunity within the country.

It is the practical education that helps enhance economic activities “Relevant education need of the hour: Khanal” (THT, June 12, Page 5).

Moreover, such practical approach in the field of education helps in building self-confidence as well as sense of diligence and self-reliance among the aspiring students who are relentlessly labouring hard in order to excel in agricultural sector.

This is really a need of today’s generation especially in the context of Nepal where unemployment has forced many youths to migrate outside the country making others richer and richer by selling their cheap labour.

The example shown by the Khotang school should also be replicated in other schools where students can learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Sanjog Karki, Tansen


This is with reference to the news story “Road accidents continue unabated” (THT, June 12, Page 2).

If we look at the statistics it is a very serious matter which should be the concerns of the government and road users.

Increasing the amount of fine to the traffic violators has been cited as the basic idea of reducing the road accidents. Heavy financial penalties might not help completely solve the problem of road accidents.

Conditions of roads must be improved while the level of consciousness of the drivers and the road users must also be improved.

Prabhas Pokharel, Nakhu