LETTERS: Explore solutions

Apropos of the news story “Humla local reps in capital to revive rice supply” (THT, June 27, Page 1), it might be more cost effective to have the Humlis walk to Surkhet or Nepalgunj and stay put for six months to eat rice than transport grains by planes at exorbitant charges.

There could be other solutions as well such as taking advantage of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiatives to transport mountain of rice from Taklakot to Hilsa and Simikot, or calling for a global or regional tender for cheaper air transport, or asking Nepal Airlines to start an exclusive air cargo service. Building road network is, of course, a durable solution, which can perhaps be done faster now with local government in place.

The best solution will be to make the locals self sufficient in food by offering access to adequate irrigation or teaching them ‘hydroponic’ farming, a technique that was discussed recently in the capital.

Other solution would be to encourage them to eat more meat, vegetables and apples instead of rice and gluten as a healthier option. Since they are unable to access  markets for vegetables and apples because of lack of road network, they could eat those health alternatives rather than waiting for rice.

They can be inspired to eat healthy food available aplenty in their farms through demonstration effect by showing documentaries and films on Western cuisine. They can certainly grow buckwheat and eat it as an alternative to unhealthy rice and flour.

Chair of Simikot Rural Municipality and livestock farmer, Padam Bahadur Lama, must also learn not to carry on his lucrative livestock business at the cost of community forest for grazing his cattle. All livestock farmers must buy their grazing land for their cattle rather than rustling them around in community forests or neighbours’ properties. These solutions might help the Humlis get enough food for year round and also help them establish good business practice by buying or renting land for cattle fodder.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


Roger Federer really put up a superb performance in order to win the 2017 Gerry Webber Open which is also known as Halle title in the city of Halle, Germany.

The 35-year old Swiss easily routed Alexander Zverev 6-1, 6-3 to get hold of the title for a record 9th time. He went on to get the better of the young German in his own country. Of course he will be gunning for his 8th Wimbledon or British Open crown in London which is approaching though Andy Murray will also be the other hopeful for the most prestigious Grand Slam as well as tournament of lawn tennis. Federer has a golden opportunity knocking at his door and he will make the most of it.

All the best for him to perform like a champion in the upcoming tournament so that he will be able to capture it without any hurdle right there on his path. Even at this age he has been able to maintain his stamina and technique of playing tennis.

Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar