LETTERS: Grab the opportunity

It is obvious that Nepal is a country run by remittance.

Needless to say thousands of Nepali migrants have been suffering from various forms of hardships such as the poor working condition, low wages and delayed payment of salaries and wages and harsh punishment even for a minor wrongdoing that can be overlooked when they commit here back home.

The news story “Over 800 Nepali migrants in jails abroad” (THT, August 31, Page 1) suggests that the outbound workers were jailed for want of proper legal treatment from the host countries in the Middle East.

The initiative taken by the incumbent Dahal-led government to make foreign employment more respectable and accountable is quite noteworthy.

However, the government has failed to enhance domestic employment, compelling the young workforce to work abroad bearing innumerable hassles.

Nonetheless, Nepal can grab multiple opportunities in this hour of grief, pain and sorrow.

As far as the Nepali workers involved in the construction sector in Qatar for preparations of the 2022 World Cup is concerned, it would be a matter of glory and privilege for our country to mobilize the domestic manpower for the construction of the country’s infrastructure such as roads, stadiums, hydro-power, and airports that absorb a large number of workforce throughout the year.

By doing so, Nepal would be self-reliant and boosting her economy and lifting the condition of living of the people even in rural areas.

Sanjog Karki, Tansen


There are many challenges and opportunities for the Prachanda-led coalition government. His government needs to be committed to resolving the political and constitutional problems first that has gripped the nation for long.

Unless these problems are sorted out, there does not seem any possibility of holding polls as claimed by the government “Govt. committed to holding local polls, says PM” (THT, September 5, Page 6).

So far, there does not seem any indication of resolving the problem of demarcation of Pradeshes, which is one of the major demands of the disgruntled parties.

On the other hand, the Election Commission (EC) has been claiming that it could hold the three tiers of elections provided it receives the necessary laws on time. EC needs at least 90 days to prepare for holding the polls.

If the government could enact the necessary laws by mid-September as claimed by PM Pushpa K. Dahal, the chances of holding the local polls by this January will be very high.

However, the government should be able to address the issues raised by Federal Alliance (FA) and the United Democratic Madhesi Front before that.

For this, the amendment to the new constitution is a must even if the government and the agitating parties come to an agreement to resolve the problems.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj