LETTERS: Investment fiasco

Apropos of the news story “Government fails to materialise achievements of Nepal Investment Summit” (THT, October 25, Page 14), it seems in the run up to one of the most historic elections in the country, Nepal has conveniently forgotten all about the investment summit and US$13.51 billion pledge. It would not be surprising if Nepal sees only Rs. 13.51 million worth of investment from this costly event at which a group of NRNs from India also committed to start a billion-rupee resort at the outskirt of Bardiya National Park. Even if they are genuine investors, they must have realised to their shock that even a quarter of a billion rupee investment in Kanha or Rathanmbore  or even in the periphery of Delhi will bring in better returns than throwing money in Bardiya. Could it be possible that the investors at the event pledged big money more as a courtesy for a free holiday than as a truthful intention? In any case, investors are entitled to change their minds. The question is whether Nepal Investment Board is following up on such a mega event? Or are they mulling over holding another event after the elections? Their seeming indifference and apathy is a big concern.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Well done

It’s really a matter of prestige to know that in the recently concluded 7th Tirak International Taekwondo championship held in Bangkok, Nepalese athletes went on to win a total of 21 medals. Nepal won 6 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze medals in the tournament. Once again Nepalese flag was held high because of such performances by taekwondo teams from the country in Thailand with high morale. Alongside Nepal, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Malaysia also took part in the event which was purely martial arts. The entire team of Nepalese taekwondo players was honoured here in Nepal due to their superb performance. Of late, Nepal has been doing well in martial arts without any doubt.

Hence time has come for the Nepalese government to make the country world-class in martial on par with countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand etc.

Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar

Right move

It was interesting to read Suman Raj Sharma’s thought in a letter on Thamel declared a no-go zone. The concerns raised by him were fair but he may not be aware of the fact that those problems will be addressed for sure. Please note that Kathmandu Guest House has said that this step would add to Thamel’s value as a tourist destination. Besides, it is a worldwide proven fact that a vehicle free zone attracts more tourists than those areas where vehicles are allowed to ply. The local business and tourism entrepreneurs had been demanding that Thamel area be declared a vehicle free zone. Being part of Thamel I feel proud of this decision. Just to share, this decision was not made overnight.

Kamana Manandhar, Kathmandu