LETTERS: Never lie to public

Minister of Information and Communications Sher Dhan Rai during the BBC-Nepali Radio program on Wednesday, refuted the allegation that the organizations owned by the government and political parties are engaged in black market business. Prior to the denial of the allegation, television footage of some petrol pumps selling petrol for Rs 190 per liter had made media headlines. These privately owned petrol pumps get their supplies from the state-owned NOC and their sale of petrol at Rs 190 per liter proves that even the state itself is engaged in black marketing. Has Rai watched the TV footage where a petrol pump is seen selling per litre of petrol for Rs 190? The minister must dare take action against the petrol pumps for selling fuel at higher price than set by the NOC. The NOC officials should also take action against the petrol pump for making profit out of the scarce fuel obtained from its depot. The minister cannot lie when it has already been made public.

Pragya Ananda, Kathmandu

Rotten meat

This is with reference to the news story “Police seizes 500 kg rotten mutton” (THT, Jan. 6, Page 2). It is very sad that rotten and unhygienic meat are also sold even within the capital where the law enforcing agencies always keep an eye on wrongdoers. If the meat had not been seized the butchers would have easily sold it to consumers. The concerned officials must continue regular and strict monitoring of shops selling fish, buff, chicken, pork and mutton and take action against those flouting the rules. Meat inspectors should shut down the shutters of such shops if they are found to be selling unhygienic meat which is the main cause of communicable and animal-borne diseases. Butchers should be clad in apron and wear protective gloves. The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control must monitor all the meat shops to ensure that none of them are engaged in such shoddy business.

Susmita Humagain, Kavre


Apropos of the news story “ASI Subba killed in firing” (THT, Jan. 5, Page 3) it was sad that ASI Ramesh Subba, 40, from Jhapa, was killed by the ‘Akhil Tarai Mukti Morcha’ group a few days ago. Subba received bullets on his chest and thigh as per the news story. This shows that some of the armed groups are taking advantage of the ongoing agitation of the Madhesi parties as an opportunity to expand their outlawed organizations. It also indicates that the Tarai-Madhes agitation is slowly going out of hand of the agitating parties, and criminals are ruling the roost. The Akhil Tarai Mukti Morcha leader owned up responsibility for shooting Subba to death. This Morcha is not part of the agitation. So the government should find him and his cadres for the heinous crime. The political parties which have called the agitation should take responsibility for the murder of the policeman, because the criminal group has taken advantage of their agitation which has gone out of their control.

Saroj Wagle, Kathmandu