LETTERS: People’s hopes dashed

Hisila Yami, now Head of the International Department of the Naya Shakti Party Nepal, but formerly a leading member of the CPN-Maoist, rightly refers to Nepal as offering a “Sea of opportunities” (THT, November 10, Page 8) and blames the political parties for not making the most of these opportunities for the benefit of the people of Nepal.

But she fails to mention the hopes and expectations of fundamental economic, social and political change raised by the People’s War and by the success of the Maobadi in agreeing a Comprehensive Peace Agreement almost exactly 10 years ago with the other political parties.

She does not mention the hopes that were raised by the progressive composition of the first Constituent Assembly or the extraordinary opportunity that the Maoists then had to change the face of Nepali politics.

She does not mention the failure of that Constituent Assembly to draft a progressive constitution for a ‘new Nepal’ or the failure of her colleagues - Babu Ram Bhattarai, ‘Prachanda’ and others - to lead the country towards a future. She does not mention the betrayal by the Maobadi of the hopes of thousands of members of the party and the PLA - some of whom were recently expressing their collective anger and frustration in this regard at a time when “their mother party is again at the political helm” or the betrayal of the hopes of hundreds of thousands, indeed millions, of ordinary Nepalis for whom that “sea of opportunities” has not materialised and looks much more like a mirage than anything else.

What do these ex-Maoists offer the people of Nepal now? What does the Naya Shakti offer? So far, there is little indication of a clear and coherent vision, backed up by a strategy, for progressive change, from these, or from any other political leaders.

It is time - after a decade since the removal of the monarchy and that historic Comprehensive Peace Agreement - for a renewed and united movement for fundamental and far-reaching change.

David Seddon, Kathmandu

All the best

Donald Trump made his country feel proud by becoming the 45th president of the United States. Although it was an uphill task for him to become the new president of his country following a strong challenge and fightback from Hillary Clinton, he made his presence felt at last.

Long time before he was about to become the most powerful political leader of his country, he had come with four policies with one of them being checking huge flow of immigrants in the United States. No matter what, he will certainly check the flow of illegal immigrants who, he says, have been a problem.

Even though Nepal has got nothing to do with this, our relation with the United States will always be cordial. Besides there are many Nepalese living in the USA studying and earning a living with hard work.

All the best for his successful tenure and let us hope Nepal-USA relation will remain cordial forever.

Pratik Shrestha, Baneshwor