LETTERS: Respect the law

I have been subjected to rude behaviour by some Sajha Yatayat bus conductors several times for asking them to issue me a ticket as required by law pertaining to bus fare for senior citizens.

The minimum ordinary bus fare is Rs. 15 and students get a discount ticket of Rs. 10 for a bus ride. As per the law senior citizens can travel at 50 percent discount that means one can ride on a bus for Rs. 7.50.

It is unlawful that even the senior citizens are also required to pay an equal amount that a student pays producing a valid ID card.

If the state owned company does not abide by the law who will do it and who will take action against those who tend to charge more than prescribed by the law? Hopefully Sajha Yatayat would respect the law and take care of the senior citizens in the days to come.

R. Manandhar, Kathmandu


On Tuesday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli paid a surprise visit at Tribhuvan International Airport inspecting its working conditions.

In fact, TIA has got low rank from the international aviation monitoring agency in terms of the facilities it provides to the passengers.

It is not surprising to see delay in flight schedules, poor hygiene conditions, baggage handling and staffers’ dealing with the passengers and so on. Some time ago, we hear news about a “mouse” found in an aircraft bound for international flight.

That is why TIA has earned a bad name as far as its security and services are concerned. So, who are responsible for such a mess? Is a surprise visit by the PM himself needed at the only international airport which remains busy throughout the day? It is the duty of all concerned to maintain the airport premises at international standard.

Instead of making a surprise visit to the airport, the concerned ministry must make the concerned officials accountable and take necessary action for failure to maintain the airport up to the mark.

In order to give a good impression about the country and its people the international airport must be kept at international standard, which is possible if all do their duty properly.

Saroj Wagle, Bara

Living hell

It would amuse even the inmates of the zoo that they are still here in the republican cage after 84 years because of ingenuity and dream of one anachronistic Prime Minister Juddha Shamsher Rana “Separate bill for zoo management sought” (THT, June 14, Page 2).

While many prime ministers have come and gone some have come over and over and over again - in the last 84 years, but the inmates’ living conditions have turned from bad to worse.

In the last decade or so, the zoo has also been serving as a fun park and courting grounds for people. As for the inmates, it has become a living hell.

We do not need a Charles Darwin to tell us that.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu