LETTERS: Trump presidency

Now it has been one year since the US President Donald Trump came to power. It is no exaggeration that the US is the only nation that matters in every part of the globe. And America has always a role in tackling global problems. All these facts are only adding to the excitement of America’s every action. Sometime ago, the former American President Barack Obama’s call for change had created much appreciation and excitement not only in the US but also across the world. Now, the countries all over the world are expecting the US to re-engage with the international community through the proper and reliable rules.

To do so, America should show strong and unbiased leadership. In the process, the balanced leadership will definitely help defuse global tensions. Besides, the countries across the world are always keenly watching the activities in the US. Naturally, America which is often termed the land of milk and honey is a beautiful country surrounded by stunning beaches. The Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean add to the beauty and magnificence of America.

At the same time, nearly all English newspapers in America are unnecessarily critical of the US President. My quick glance at these newspapers online has made me understand this sad fact. The media, for instance electronic and print, should support the ruling regime through proper coverage and right aspects.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai

Hopes dashed

It is very disheartening to see political parties creating a fuss over one thing or the other and engaging in them post-elections.

People had high expectations from leaders that they would show statesmanship and drive the nation towards peace and prosperity following the three tiers of elections. However, the leaders have yet again disappointed the voters by showing their old habits. They seem to be hell bent on securing their positions and fulfilling their vested interests at the cost of people and the nation. The latest row over the issue of where the temporary headquarters of provincial assemblies should have been is a case in point.

As mentioned earlier, such headquarters are temporary and they can be changed by the provincial assemblies anytime soon once they are formed. It is as simple as that. But this issue has virtually brought the latest political development to a standstill. There is no point in making this issue a big deal, putting other important issues on the back burner.

The need of the hour is to form new governments at the centre and provinces as soon as possible and, work in accordance with each other so that the new constitution is implemented and institutionalised. On the other hand, the government should have also consulted major political parties and experts before declaring any city the temporary headquarters of a particular province. The provincial assemblies should be allowed to take their course and people should trust their representatives they have elected.

Rupak Raj Khanal, Changunarayan